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The ultimate plugin for modern mixes and infinite inspiration.

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Rob Swire


David Guetta

Nard & B



Mick Schultz

Khaliq Glover

C.P Dubb

TT Audi


John Nathaniel

Deniz Koyu

David Levy

ShaperBox is my most used plugin by far.

Rob Swire (Pendulum/Knife Party)

ShaperBox is my go-to tool for sidechain-style volume ducking. It’s in every project I do.

ShaperBox is a box of many must-have, well organised tools for sound design and even mixing. Multiband filter on basic effects makes them sound absolutely the new different way and inspirational. The 'Time' function is my favourite. For sidechain, I use the VolumeShaper, every day.

Having the ability to bend, slow and manipulate a sound using a single plugin has been a HUGE asset, not just in the area of sound design, but also in conserving processing power. ShaperBox is among our 'Go-To’s' for accomplishing this!

Nard & B, Multi-Platinum Producers (Migos, Future, Lil Uzi Vert)

ShaperBox 3 is instantly inserted on almost every channel. It’s so versatile , and the new features allow me to add so much character to the production, love it!

Wouter Janssen of Showtek

ShaperBox is a masterpiece of simplicity of use and complexity of sound. In my daily arsenal.

ShaperBox 3 is a beast of an update. From the amazing browser to the super-inspiring LiquidShaper. It’s hard to not put this plugin on every sound!

Mick Schultz, Producer (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jeremih)

I simply can't do without Cableguys products in my mixing and music production workflow.

Khaliq Glover, Grammy-Winning Engineer (Prince, Justin Timberlake, Herbie Hancock)

ShaperBox gives a unique change to a production when you felt like the beat was already complete.

C.P Dubb, Producer (Tyga, Tory Lanez, French Montana)

ShaperBox is so dope because whatever it is you do, however you create, it’ll help you 10x. I promise you your beats will be sounding ten times better if you use it the right way.

TT Audi of 808 Mafia, Producer (Gunna, Tyga, G-Eazy)

I’m a crazy, crazy user of ShaperBox! Most projects of mine have dozens and dozens of instances.

ShaperBox 3 is a game changer, especially with the new external sidechain features! Dialing in a precise space for your kick will now be an incredibly fast process, no matter how complex the pattern may be! I will use this in every mix!

John Nathaniel, Producer/Mixer/Writer (OneRepublic, Gwen Stefani, Madison Beer)

Wow! Love the updated multiband window now offering 3 bands and 24dB filters! That will get heavy use in my future projects for sure. Also the new Pens are very useful! So many new features.

ShaperBox was a game changer for me and an indispensable tool all throughout the score for Doom, for both mixing and creative purposes. .. Before ShaperBox, I’d have to use at least four completely different plugins to achieve what one instance of ShaperBox can on its own – and with great ease, I might add!

David Levy - read his Cableguys interview

What is ShaperBox?

ShaperBox is your go-to tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic.

Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects come together in one easy, modern interface.

Break out of the loop

No more waiting for inspiration to strike! Create endless variations on any sound with a browser that makes it easy to find the presets you need. Chop, glitch, stutter, warp, enhance and much more.

Make your music move

Bring out the emotion in your songs with easy drawable LFO waveforms, reactive envelope followers and new audio triggering. Create rhythmic effects that react to your music – or stamp a whole new groove on it.

Solve complex mix problems

Sculpt your sound in incredible detail with 3-band multiband for every effect. Apply focused enhancement – or erase problem elements of your mix. It’s complex mixing made easy.

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Do all this with ShaperBox 3

Watch 25 ways to use ShaperBox 3, from triggered sidechain ducking, to wild fills and crazy FX.

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Stuck with a lifeless pad or a boring reverb tail? ShaperBox is the perfect antidote. It's a marvellous and marvellously easy-to-configure range of effects, from filters and drive to panning and time manipulation.

Sound On Sound, June 2021

For ease of use, GUI layout and fluidity of editing, ShaperBox 3 is still the king. The star of the show is the new Audio Triggering mode. Whether we’re working on technical mixing tasks or wild sound design, we can’t imagine producing without it.

10/10 – Excellence Award, MusicTech Magazine, December 2022

ShaperBox 3 allows you to really take control of the effects and apply loads of dynamics to achieve the outcomes you want. And, with audio and external triggering, it is now more powerful than ever.

9/10, Computer Music magazine, January 2023

ShaperBox was already a great go-to tool — and it's now slicker and more capable than ever. It remains one of the best tools for rapidly adding rhythmic interest to any sound.

9/10, Future Music, November 2022


Time, Drive, Noise, Liquid, Filter, Crush, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers come together in ShaperBox 3.

Experience analogue-like filters, timewarped stutters, multiband distortion, future phaser/flanger FX, punchy compression, super-tight sidechain ducking, mid-side expansion, dynamic noise layering, lo-fi bitcrushing, and much more.

All in one CPU-efficient plugin.

Animate any effect over time with our easiest ever waveform-editing tools. Create curved, stepped, or ramped FX patterns in seconds, and bring rhythmic life to your music.

Sync your waveforms to beats and bars so they're always locked to your music. Go from 1/4-note pumping FX to evolving multi-bar patterns and beyond. All with sample-tight accuracy.

Now you can trigger all 9 ShaperBox effects with any sound, for reactive time-twists, distortion envelopes, filter plucks, transient design, and any other triggered FX you can imagine.

Want to duck your bass with VolumeShaper, but the kick isn’t 4x4? No problem! Just turn on the External Sidechain Input and Audio Triggering follows any kick rhythm.

And it’s not only for ducking basslines. Want to trigger a bitcrushing pattern on your synth every time the snare hits? Now you can.

See your kick drum overlaid on the bassline with VolumeShaper’s new Show External Sidechain feature. Draw the perfect ducking curve to match the contour of your kick, and lock your lows together like never before.

Every Shaper can be split into 3 bands, for tightly focused processing. Drive the bass. Stutter the mids. Reverse the highs. All 3 bands get their own LFO and Envelope Follower.

Dive deep into sound design! LiquidShaper gives you wild jet-plane flanging and deep, lush phasing in one Shaper. Create gentle stereo modulations… or monstrous robotic comb filter FX.

Find your sound in a few clicks with more than 600 cleverly categorised presets. Filter by Shaper, save your faves, and find your custom presets.

A dedicated Oscilloscope Tool helps you visualise the dynamics of your music and pinpoint mix problems.

A high-res waveform display locks to beats and bars, audio or MIDI. External sidechain overlay allows you to easily compare any two tracks in your project, in real time.

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New for ShaperBox v3.2, NoiseShaper's range of 78 digital, organic and analogue noise types is joined by 41 all-new cymbal and percussion noises.

These specialised sounds allow you to layer dynamic hi-hats, thicken up snares and claps, paint your own shaker and tambourine grooves, and much more.

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New for ShaperBox v3.3, you can now modulate NoiseShaper's Pitch parameter with its own dedicated LFO and Envelope Follower.

Transpose noise samples over time to create subtle variations, modulated drum tones, wild FX, soaring risers, and more.

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9 EFFECTS, VALUE €301 / $301

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Big Z: Animating synths and more

Andrew Huang: 7 tips (uses ShaperBox 2)

Dan Worrall: ShaperBox power guide

Jay Cactus: Drill tricks with ShaperBox 3

Djs From Mars: Making a tech house drop

MG The Future: Hip-hop deep-dive

For all Shapers

  • New! Interface resizable from 75% to 200%
  • New! Redesigned interface with larger editing areas
  • New! Retina/HiDPI support for crisper, clearer graphics
  • Built-in help – hover over any control for description
  • New! Set your own startup preset
  • Expandable LFO for detailed editing
  • Set LFO length in beats and bars, Hertz, or by MIDI note
  • LFO loop length from 1/128 to 32 bars, with sample-accurate sync
  • Audio-rate modulation up to 5.24kHz for extreme sound design
  • Trigger LFO in any rhythm using MIDI notes
  • New! Trigger Smoothing to reduce clicks when switching/triggering Waves
  • New! MIDI Trigger activity LED to aid setup
  • Large, precise oscilloscope view with Freeze option
  • New! Oscilloscope Magnitude mode for easy Envelope Follower setup
  • New! Smoother, more accurate spectrum view
  • New! Dedicated selection tool for multinode editing
  • New! 2x/3x button – double/triple patterns in a click
  • New! Selection skewing, for easily increasing intensity over time
  • New! Snap a single point, a selection, or each point within a selection
  • New! Drag a Shaper's parameter in the top bar to shift the whole LFO
  • Flip/resize/move/randomize wave or selection
  • Copy/paste waves between any Shapers
  • Unlimited undo/redo for LFO wave edits
  • 9 slots to store User Waves, saved with the patch
  • Switch User Waves via MIDI
  • Dry/wet mix in every Shaper, to balance the effect
  • Band solo and sidechain solo, for easy setup
  • New! Increased multiband split range, now from 20Hz-20kHz
  • New! Easy 1-slider editing of Envelope Follower and Compressor
  • New! External sidechain input for Envelope/Compressor
  • New! Envelope/Compressor input filters, for frequency-conscious response
  • New! Envelope Follower Threshold, so only loud signals trigger envelope
  • New! Depth x2/x4/x8 for Envelope, to amplify modulation strength
  • New! Adaptive Release mode for Envelope/Compressor


  • Stutter, scratch, half-time, tape-stop, glitch, reverse, and more
  • 72 Wave Presets covering all common uses
  • New! Improved algorithm with 2x faster CPU performance
  • New! Even better Smooth Step Mode, to avoid clicks in stepped patterns
  • New! Fine Mode with 2.5, 10 and 20ms options
  • New! Blend dry and Fine Mode for freeform chorus and flanger FX
  • New! Quick Presets for Stutter, Scratch and Half-Time


  • For hard distortion patterns, extreme wavefolding and subtle reactive heat
  • Wave Presets for patterns, sweeps, accents and more
  • 10 Styles of distortion: Soft/Hard Clip, Soft/Hard Square, Soft/Hard Rectify, Skew/Sine/Triangle/Extreme Fold
  • Visualisation of distortion with the Transfer Function Curve Display
  • Grip and Push parameters for dynamic control and asymmetric FX
  • Accent and Tone parameters to level and EQ the distortion


  • Dynamic noise designer with sounds by BT, Cyclick and InsideInfo
  • 69 diverse noise sources: classic synth noise, vinyl crackles, tape hiss, broken textures, retro equipment hum, organic field recordings, and more
  • Mono, Trim, HP/LP Filter and Noise Only controls for fitting noise in the mix
  • Quick Presets for 1-click Vinyl, Cassette and Beat Spice

FilterShaper Core

  • Creative filter with 21 diverse filter types
  • Independent LFOs and Envelopes for Cutoff and Resonance
  • 43 Wave Presets, from classic analogue LFOs to complex rhythms
  • New! Stereo Offset control, for incredible spatial FX
  • New! 8 Phaser modes, with up to 8 peaks/notches, for juicy swooshes
  • New! Zero-delay feedback (ZDF) DSP throughout, for analogue-like response
  • New! Increased filter range, now from 20Hz-21kHz
  • New! Multiband-enabled! Use three filters at once
  • New! Quick Presets for Rhythm, Envelope Follower and Build-up


  • For rhythmic distortion patterns, lo-fi melodies and drums with attitude
  • 3 bitcrushing modes: Crunch, Bits and Resample
  • Dither, Jitter and Push controls, for custom digital character
  • FX Mix dry/wet section with low-pass filter and gain control
  • Dozens of Wave Presets covering all common uses
  • Quick Presets for Stutter, Snare and Air


  • Sidechain duck, trim, gate, stutter and edit levels
  • 40 Wave Presets, including professional sidechain curves
  • New! Gain control for LFO – ideal for boosting transients
  • New! Quick Presets for Sidechain and Trim


  • For stereo sweeps, creative patterns and psychoacoustic panning
  • 41 Wave Presets, from basic autopanning to creative stereo rhythms
  • 5 Pan Modes: Balance (0/3/4.5/6dB) and Stereo Combined
  • New! Haas mode for psychoacoustic panning effects
  • New! Blend Haas with regular panning for the perfect stereo balance
  • New! Quick Presets for Basic, Haas and Build-up


  • For wider risers, super-stereo tops and tight mono bass
  • 44 Wave Presets for build-ups, accents and more
  • New! Quick Presets for Mono Bass, Envelope Follower and Build-up

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
VST 2, VST 3 or AAX host sequencer
Mac OS X 10.13 or later
Intel or Apple Silicon (Native/Rosetta) processor
VST 2, VST 3, AU or AAX host sequencer
Internet connection required for downloading NoiseShaper's noise samples.

The plugin works with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools 12, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, REAPER, Studio One, and many other DAWs that support VST, AU or AAX.