ShaperBox Bundle
ShaperBox Bundle

10 Shaper effects — for mixing & creativity.
ReverbShaper, TimeShaper 3, DriveShaper 2, NoiseShaper 2, FilterShaper Core 3, LiquidShaper, CrushShaper 2, VolumeShaper 7, PanShaper 4 and WidthShaper 3.

Save 70% compared to individual prices!

ShaperBox Bundle
Cableguys Bundle

14 essentials — the ultimate Cableguys package.
ShaperBox 3 Bundle plus FilterShaper XL, Curve 2 creative synth, HalfTime and MidiShaper.

Save 68% compared to individual prices!

Single Plugins

ReverbShaper Reverbshaper Shaperbox 3

Unlock the hidden rhythm of reverb with amazing spaces that move, groove and flow along with your music.

Draw chopped reverb tails. Duck reverb in 1 click. Design vast pumping halls. Suspend vocals in sustained ambience. And more.Read more

FilterShaper XL

A massively modulatable dual filter, FilterShaper XL takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design.

Two powerful filters, multistage drive, freely editable LFOs, and ultra-flexible modulation — for complex, interweaving effects. Read more

HalfTime HalfTime

Enter a world of spaced-out, slowed-down sound with the only plugin 100% dedicated to half-speed effects.

HalfTime transforms any audio into a dark, downtempo version of itself, giving your tracks huge mood and atmosphere. Read more

VolumeShaper VolumeShaper Shaperbox 3

Shape levels in pinpoint detail with a deeply editable volume LFO across three bands. Lock to beats, MIDI or transients.

From multiband sidechain ducking effects and extreme gating, to tempo-synced stutter and precise sample-shaping. Read more

Kickstart 2

The fastest way to get that signature sidechain ducking sound. Lock your kick and bass together in seconds.

With 16 preset curve shapes, movable slope, easy band split, and audio triggering that follows any kick drum rhythm. Read more

TimeShaper TimeShaper Shaperbox 3

Warp pitch and time to create everything from essential ear-candy FX to mental multiband transformations.

Chop loops in a click. Scratch audio like a DJ. Half-time in multiband. Reverse in real time. Tape-stop in a click. And more.

Read more

NoiseShaper NoiseShaper Shaperbox 3

Get the secret sauce for lo-fi beats and exciting mixes: noise! Layer mix-ready noise textures onto any sound in 1 click.

Imagine lo-fi vinyl melodies. Sizzling EDM synths. Pianos under bubbling water. Tape hiss, retro hum, digital noise, and more. Read more

DriveShaper DriveShaper Shaperbox 3

The ultimate distortion toolkit. Set 12 algorithms in motion with drawable LFOs and reactive envelopes across 3 bands.

Design magical distorted rhythms. Inject pulsing analogue warmth. Make your mix pop hard with searing reactive heat.Read more

FilterShaper Core FilterShaper Core Shaperbox 3

Experience all the richness, warmth and intricacy of a high-quality analogue filter with FilterShaper Core.

Create amazing modulations and wild patterns in seconds with drawable LFOs, reactive envelopes and 20 filter types.Read more

LiquidShaper Liquidshaper Shaperbox 3

LiquidShaper gives you wild jet-plane flanging and deep, lush phasing in one multiband Shaper effect.

With drawable LFOs, create any movement you can imagine – from soothing stereo sweeps to monstrous robotic comb filter FX.Read more

CrushShaper CrushShaper Shaperbox 3

From lo-fi vibes to hi-fi excitement, CrushShaper is a multiband, LFO-driven bitcrusher like no other.

Reduce bit-depth and sample rate to go 8-bit and beyond – or get the sound of now with ultramodern mix enhancements. Read more

PanShaper PanShaper Shaperbox 3

Take stereo control to a new level with PanShaper's combination of regular and delay-based Haas panning.

Design evolving pan patterns and make precise stereo edits in seconds. Make your mixes fill the speakers like never before.Read more

WidthShaper WidthShaper Shaperbox 3

Define your stereo image in ultimate detail with WidthShaper's multiband mid/side modulation

Add stereo excitement, create width, and get tight mono bass. For single tracks and buses, sound design, mixing and mastering.Read more

Curve 2

Curve is a software synthesizer with an irresistible waveform editor, huge sound library and slick interface.

Version 2.5 adds new Sallen-Key filter types, beat-synced envelopes, an overhauled UI and many tweaked sounds. Read more


MidiShaper brings powerful LFOs and envelopes to all your favorite synthesizers and effects.

Its sophisticated modulation matrix can output modulated pitch, modwheel, channel aftertouch or any MIDI CC messages. Read more

PanCake 2

PanShaper's little sibling allows you to create flexible stereo modulations.

"As you'd expect from Cableguys, PanCake is a wacky, customisable, over-the-top stereo panner. It's autopanning taken to loony extremes." — Computer Music Read more