FilterShaper XL

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Massively modulatable dual filter

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John Nathaniel



Ade Fenton

Cesar Sogbe


Andy Moor

Kirk Degiorgio


Robert Babicz

Josh Cumbee

The movement you can get from FilterShaper XL is insane but for me, the real star of the show is how great these filters sound! Owning a few analog synths, I’m incredibly picky with filters and Cableguys are offering superb quality on this one! The distortion (drive) you can get is also amazing!

John Nathaniel - Producer/Mixer/Composer (OneRepublic, Shawn Mendes, Gwen Stefani)

Love it! Gives ultimate sound changing power with not that much effort, great for getting ideas out immediately without workflow stoppage.

AnonXmous - Producer/Composer (Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Timbaland, Fergie)

Absolutely love this plugin! If you need a little inspiration, glue or a fresh take on a sound that's just not sitting in the mix right, this plugin is perfect.

FilterShaper XL just sounds so good in bringing audio to life.

Ade Fenton (Gary Numan)

FilterShaper XL is another absolute game changer! Being able to mold and shape audio with such precision in series or in parallel is incredible.

Cesar Sogbe (Prince, Pet Shop Boys, David Byrne; Grammy-Winning)

I absolutely love FilterShaper XL. I love being able to automate filters in a unique and interesting way and to easily apply this to a complete bus with leads for example.

Absolutely loving this, can see this being my new go-to toy to get creative.

The perfect secret weapon to create detailed effects or startling transitions in your tracks just got even bigger and better! I’ve been using the original for years now and the added XL features will ensure many years of filter experimentation to come.

Wow. Just played around a bit with it and it's crazy how easy it is to come up with good ideas from very simple sounds or drones with this. Also incredibly useful as a simple very good sounding filter with both high- and low-pass in series, something always very welcome in the arsenal. Def going into my go-to toolbox straight away!

5 min after installation i started a new track because i got inspired by FilterShaper XL.

The Track:

Used it in yesterday's session and it CRUSHED. As always Cableguys overdeliver with a plugin that allows incredibly granular control, yet affords an inspiring and refreshing amount of creative chaos at the touch of a preset button. Surgical when you need precision, and fun when you let it take the wheel – what more do you want?

What is FilterShaper XL?

FilterShaper XL takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design with two powerful filters, multistage drive, and an immensely flexible modulation framework.

Turn synths into twisted mutations that leap from the speakers. Transform basslines into bubbling, pulsing patterns. Morph drums into exciting filtered rhythms and bizarre modular-style FX. Go from subtle nuances and precise tweaks to powerful sweeps, stepped resonances and giant wobbles.

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Awesomely analogue

It all starts with a pair of powerful Cableguys filters. Go from classic vintage warmth to audio-rate modulation and screaming self-oscillation – all with an amazingly analogue sound.

Massively modulatable

Next, set things in motion with two combinable LFOs and an envelope follower for every modulatable parameter. Dedicated LFOs for Speed and Amount allow incredible, evolving, complex interactions.

Endlessly flexible

Create any filter movement you can imagine with our easy LFO drawing tools. Draw curves, steps, ramps – any shape at all – in seconds, bringing new rhythmic life to your tracks.


Just like a high-quality analogue filter, FilterShaper XL always sounds great – even with the hardest, fastest modulations.

It's all possible due to our best-ever filter DSP, with zero-delay feedback (ZDF) algorithms, resonance compensation, internal saturation, and oversampling of the entire signal path.

Discover 20 powerful, punchy filter types for juiced-up basslines, sweeping synths, modulated percussion, explosive FX, and more.

Choose Warm filters that are fat and driven, inspired by the Sallen-Key filters of a legendary semimodular synthesizer. Need modern precision? Go for our crisp and clear Clean filters instead.

Cranking the resonance might be the most fun you can have with a filter – but with strong resonance comes squealing feedback and high volume levels!

FilterShaper XL gets it all under control with a Safe mode that limits resonance to stable levels. Advanced users can switch it off to unleash the full fury of a self-oscillating filter.

And our Warm filters have added Resonance Drive inside the resonance circuit, emulating a real analogue filter pushed to the limit. Crank it up to get gritty textures and velvet-smooth resonant peaks. Hard mode gives you a further edgy sonic flavour.

Distortion brings filters to life – and with a punchy Drive section on each filter stage, that power is in your hands. Go from subtle saturation to flat-out distortion. Switch it pre- or post-filter for drastically different textures.

With two filters, 60 LFOs and 50 envelope followers, you have a detailed, interconnected toolbox for shaping your sound.

Just click a parameter – Cutoff, Resonance, Volume or Pan – and start editing the main LFO and Envelope Follower.

Then use LFO 2 to shift your shapes up and down over time. Control the depth of modulation itself with a dedicated Amount LFO. And use the Speed LFO to rhythmically speed up and slow down your patterns.

Our easiest ever LFO-editing tools make it simple to draw the exact filter movements you want to hear. Design flowing cutoff patterns and juicy resonance sweeps – any shape you can imagine, just clicks away. It's easy, fast and fun.

Use Envelope Followers to dynamically filter synths, basslines, drums, melodies – anything. Increase Cutoff as synths get louder – or boost Resonance as volume decays.

Find your sound in a few clicks with 450 cleverly categorized presets. Browse by category, save your faves, and find your custom presets.

FilterShaper XL is a completely separate plugin from ShaperBox, focused on advanced dual filtering and deep, complex, interconnected modulation.

ShaperBox 3 instead gives you 10 varied multiband effects with a streamlined modulation system for fast, inspiring results, with filtering handled by its own single-filter module, called FilterShaper Core.

FilterShaper XL gives you dual filters in series or parallel, each with a pre/post drive stage and internal resonance drive too. For all 10 of its modulatable parameters, you get a dual LFO and Envelope – and each LFO has its own LFO/Envelope for Amount and Speed! This enables an incredible variety of modulation expression.

ShaperBox's FilterShaper Core instead has one filter and 2 main parameters, Cutoff and Resonance, each with just one LFO/Envelope. This means the LFO graph always maps directly to the full 20Hz-21kHz range of the filter. So what you see is always what you get in ShaperBox, making it instantly easy to understand and use.

So for instant inspiration across 10 varied multiband effects, ShaperBox is your go-to, while FilterShaper XL should be your choice for highly modulated advanced filtering.

FilterShaper XL is the new, rebooted version of our classic FilterShaper 3 standalone plugin. With two filters and dozens of modulators, we feel the "XL" tag is a perfect fit, also differentiating it from the streamlined FilterShaper Core of ShaperBox.

If you own the old FilterShaper 3, then FilterShaper XL is a free upgrade for you – just log in to your Cableguys account to download it.

Your old patches may sound different on FilterShaper XL due to sound improvements and internal changes. For this reason, XL installs as a separate plugin, so your old projects will continue to open with the old FilterShaper 3.

To transfer your FilterShaper 3 presets to XL, simply open the old FilterShaper 3 plugin, save them and hit Sync. Now open FilterShaper XL, hit Sync, and you'll find them in the "My Presets" section of the Browser.

  • Interface resizable from 75% to 200%
  • Retina/HiDPI support for crisp, clear graphics
  • Built-in help — hover over any control for description
  • Wave Presets covering all common uses
  • Smoothed Bypass for click-free switching to the dry signal
  • Dry/wet master Mix control
  • Large, precise oscilloscope view with Stereo/Combined/Magnitude/Auto modes
  • Trigger Smoothing to reduce clicks when MIDI triggering LFOs
  • Expandable LFOs for detailed editing
  • Set LFO loop length in beats and bars, or Hertz/ms
  • LFO loop length from 1/128 to 32 bars, with sample-accurate sync
  • Audio-rate modulation up to 5.24kHz for extreme sound design
  • 2x/3x button — double or triple patterns with a click
  • Flip/resize/move/randomize wave or selection
  • Copy/paste waves between LFOs
  • Unlimited undo/redo for LFO wave edits
  • Selection skewing, for easily increasing intensity over time

Filter details
  • 20 diverse filter types
  • Clean filters for accurate response
  • Warm Sallen-Key filters for a driven analogue sound (inspired by a famous semimodular synth)
  • Zero-delay feedback designs for more analogue-like response
  • Low-Pass: 6/12/24dB Clean, 12/24dB Warm
  • High-Pass: 6/12/24dB Clean, 12/24dB Warm
  • Band-Pass: 12/24dB Clean, 12/24dB Warm
  • Notch: 12dB/24dB Clean, 12/24dB Warm
  • Peak: 12/24dB Clean

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System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11
VST 2, VST 3 or AAX host DAW
Mac OS X 10.13 or later
Intel or Apple Silicon processor
VST 2, VST 3, AU or AAX host DAW
Works with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools 12, Cubase, Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, REAPER, Studio One, and many other DAWs that support VST, AU or AAX.