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Curve 2 Sound Design Challenge

We were running a contest to find the best, most mind-blowing sounds for Curve 2, looking for unusual sounds, the ones that push Curve to its limits, but we were also looking for clever, useful sounds and just about anything that sounds amazing.

Our Curve 2 Sound Design Challenge has ended! You have sent us over 400 entries — atmospheric pads, angry basses, melodic synthlines and more... wow! Thank you so much for your participation.

The jury has chosen

I especially looked for the agreeability and usefulness of a sound, its creativity and the complexity of patch creation. My favorites are Jonas by Le Renard Rode, Groovy Filters by Mikko Kolehmainen, Drawn Drone by Knarrrz, Rhythmic Action Filters by Eross and Main by Skargo.

I also really liked Ass Bass, Bounce Arp, Sawcisse and the very complex Underground Electronics. I must congratulate ALL of them for their creativity and imagination!

Jean Alain Roussel is a musician, composer and producer from Mauritius, who worked with artists such as Sting, Celine Dion, Bob Marley and Cat Stevens.

My favorite is Underground Electronics by Qwertybob — I love its chaos possibilities and you know I love chaos and noise ;). My Top-2 is Drawn Drone by Knarrrz. Anyone who's familiar with my work knows that I love drones. This is very very cool and if I could there should be two top spots! My Top-3 is Groovy Filters by Mikko Kolehmainen. Love this, it's very playable with a very cool use of the filters!

I also have to mention Main, which is very Tron-isch again. Of course I love it having worked on Tron's game score! I'd use this for sure! And Rhythmic Action Filters is very cool. I love the portamento and the noise percussion. Awesome work!

Sascha Dikiciyan aka "Sonic Mayhem" is one of today's most in-demand video game composers (Dead Rising 3, Mass Effect 3, Borderlands and Quake series).

I particularly like Undergound Electronics by Qwertybob for its complexity and the way it evolves, and Sawcisse by Le Renard Rode for its richness. For me, especially these two sounds stand out.

My other favorites include Drawn Drone, Groovy Filters and Jonas.

David Boldini aka 7 Skies is an EDM DJ/producer from Italy, with releases on the legendary Anjunabeats imprint. Plus he is also well known for his sound design courses.

Listen to the winners

Congratulations to Qwertybob for winning the contest with his incredibly deep Underground Electronics! Qwertybob wins all Cableguys plugins we'll ever do, now and in the future, Ableton Suite 9, a course at the Warp Academy plus a one-on-one experts exchange with Warp Academy's own Andrew Mavor!

Knarrrz wins a Cableguys Bundle for his preset Drawn Drone, Mikko Kolehmainen Curve 2 for his preset Groovy Filters. Top 4-10 will receive a VolumeShaper each.

Curve 2 library: 400 new sounds for free

You can find the sounds of all contestants, including the 10 winners, in the cloud-based library of Curve 2. All sounds are available in the demo version of Curve, too. Have a listen, tweak them and use them in your new songs!

For a public discussion see the contest's forum thread.