MIDI triggering in Avid Pro Tools

In this guide, you'll learn how to use MIDI notes in Pro Tools to trigger LFOs in ShaperBox (ReverbShaper, TimeShaper, DriveShaper, NoiseShaper, FilterShaper Core, LiquidShaper, CrushShaper, VolumeShaper, PanShaper, WidthShaper), FilterShaper XL, MidiShaper, PanCake and Nicky Romero Kickstart.

When this technique is used, the LFO will play from the beginning every time a MIDI note is received. Thus, the LFO can be triggered in any rhythm you like — sidechain your bassline to a non-4/4 kick drum pattern, for example.

1. Load ShaperBox and activate MIDI triggering

Load ShaperBox onto an Audio, Instrument or Auxiliary track, and set the MIDI Trigger field to 'On' or 'On (1-Shot)'.

2. Set the MIDI input

Click the cogwheel icon in the MIDI Trigger tile to open the MIDI Setup page, and ensure that 'Direct From DAW' is selected in the MIDI Port field.

3. Set up your triggering MIDI track

Back in Pro Tools, create a MIDI track and, in the hierarchical Output menu, select the track hosting ShaperBox, then 'ShaperBox 2' (or both of those options in a single entry if ShaperBox 2 is the only plugin on the track), then 'channel-1' (or whichever MIDI channel you want to use).

4. Program your triggering MIDI pattern

Now, ShaperBox's LFO is retriggered every time it receives a MIDI note from the MIDI track, so record or draw in MIDI notes as required. Any MIDI note will work, unless you're also using ShaperBox's MIDI Switch function, in which case only C notes in all octaves will trigger the LFO.