How To Use HalfTime: Manual & Tutorials

PDF Manual

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Video Manual

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Common Plugin Issues

If you are experiencing crashes or graphics issues, then it is likely that your computer is running out of available RAM. If you are running your DAW in 32-bit mode, it can only address RAM up to 2GB/4GB. With bigger projects, where more RAM is required than can be addressed, all kind of strange things can happen with all plugins from all vendors. There is no such RAM limitation with 64-bit DAWs.

All plugins from all vendors that are position-synced are affected by Ableton Live's known timing issues. For a workaround, check our FAQ page.

For any other issues, please check our FAQ page — there's a good chance that the answer is already there.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, too, where you'll find lots of tips-'n'-tricks videos.