8 Fast Artist Tips for HalfTime and ShaperBox

Got eight minutes to spare? That's all it takes to power through these eight fast and furious video tips for Cableguys HalfTime and ShaperBox 2. A quintet of EDM, trap and hip-hop production heavyweights — two of them Grammy-nominated, no less — show you their studio techniques, from melodic layering and distortion, to precision multiband sidechaining and rhythmic enhancement. Now get ready to rev up your creativity and accelerate your mixing skills!


2 HalfTime Melody/Perc Tips In One Minute

The Grammy-nominated Billboard Top Ten producer and creator of the acclaimed ’Drums That Knock’ sample library series puts the focus on HalfTime’s Mix and Band Split controls, showing you how to turn simple melody and percussion lines into more complex layered loops, all in Ableton Live. Follow Decap on Instagram for more platinum tips.


Bass Sidechain And Stereo Hi-hats

One half of the box-headed EDM production duo shows you how to ‘invisibly’ sidechain a bassline using VolumeShaper 6’s powerful multiband functionality, and add stereo interest and edge to a hi-hat loop with ShaperBox's PanShaper 3 and CrushShaper – all in under two minutes! Keep up with DJs From Mars on Instagram.

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Better Beats With ShaperBox 2

Over the course of 78 funk-filled seconds, the eclectic electronic producer conjures up a beat-enhancing white noise ‘mini-riser’ with ShaperBox 2's Volume/Filter/Width Shapers, and works unpredictable distortion into a pedestrian hi-hat loop using CrushShaper. For more production tips, follow Ed Is Dead on Instagram.


Saucing Up A Guitar Loop With HalfTime

FL Studio specialist Mr Ohh demonstrates a quick and effective trick for transforming a mellow guitar loop into a more rhythmically engaging line using nothing more than HalfTime and a bit of Fruity Parametric EQ. Follow Larry Ohh on Instagram for more beatmaking techniques.


Transparent Sidechaining With VolumeShaper 6

The Grammy-nominated DJ/producer shares a simple but powerful VolumeShaper 6 multiband sidechaining technique. See Morgan get frequency-rich synths pumping without compromising their mid/high presence, before bringing in the Compressor to add punch and snap. Stay on top of Morgan Page on Instagram and follow his @mpquicktips page for regular tips 'n' tricks.

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