November / December 2015: Updates for all plugins

We've updated all plugins — with new editing features and an improved workflow.

Download updated trial versions and the free full version of PanCake below. For updated full version downloads, log in to your user account.

Cableguys Plugins

Curve 2

Curve is a software synthesizer with an irresistible waveform editor, huge sound library and slick interface.

Version 2.5 adds new Sallen-Key filter types, beat-synced envelopes, an overhauled UI and many tweaked sounds. Read more

FilterShaper 3

FilterShaper takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design.

Two powerful filters, freely editable modulation curves, and an immensely flexible modulation framework — for complex, shifting, interweaving effects. Read more

VolumeShaper 4

VolumeShaper lets you shape the levels of any audio signal in pinpoint detail.

From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping — with a visual approach to volume. Read more


MidiShaper brings powerful LFOs and envelopes to all your favorite synthesizers and effects.

Its sophisticated modulations matrix can output modulated pitch, modwheel, channel aftertouch or any MIDI CC messages. Read more

Cableguys Bundle

Includes Curve 2, FilterShaper 3, VolumeShaper 4 and MidiShaper

Saves almost 40% off the combined prices of the individual products!

Free Pan Modulation Plugin

PanCake 2

PanCake allows you to create most flexible panning modulations.

"As you'd expect from Cableguys, PanCake is a wacky, customisable, over-the-top stereo panner. It's autopanning taken to loony extremes."
— Computer Music Read more