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We develop state-of-the-art virtual effects as well as the critically acclaimed software synth Curve 2 — "an extremely powerful, flexible synth with a distinctive sound and a stunning, ever-expanding library of presets." (Future Music Magazine, January 2013)

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OS X El Capitan compatibility
October 5, 2015
All our plugins work perfectly fine with the new version of OS X.

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Windows 10 compatibility
Juli 31, 2015
All our plugins work perfectly fine with Windows 10.

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Curve 2.5 CM Sound Design Challenge: Here are the winners!
April 28, 2015

Computer Music and Cableguys are happy to announce the winners of the Curve 2.5 CM Sound Design Challenge.

Among the many great and creative entries you have sent to us, these outstanding sounds made it to the top three:

The first place and a life-time supply of all Cableguys plugins we'll ever do goes to: Daft-Stalker by Taifunk. Congratulations! The fantastic vocoder sound that adds that famous French house factor to your music is just amazing.

Kick Designer by JMG8 takes the second place and is rewarded with the complete Cableguys Bundle. The powerful kick drum with incredible flexible macros allows you to tune the kick to dozens of variations.

Third place goes to Space Warrior by JK Flashico who wins the full version of Curve 2.5. Deep, mystic and atmospheric — truly a futuristic power sound!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for participating. The new sounds are now available to all users of Curve 2.5 and Curve 2.5 CM — just hit "Sync" within Curve and enjoy!

Curve 2.5 CM is FREE with Computer Music magazine 212 onwards.

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Curve 2.5.3 and VolumeShaper 4.0.2 out now
April 1, 2015
When editing waveforms, some DAWs such as Ableton Live faced big CPU hits — we're now sending less automation data for a more stable editing. It's a small change with a big impact on affected DAWs.

Plus we've fixed a rare crash bug in VolumeShaper.

Download the new versions.

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Updates for Curve, Curve CM, FilterShaper, PanCake and WaveShaper CM
February 22, 2015
The new versions — Curve 2.5.2, Curve CM 2.5.2, FilterShaper 3.2.2, PanCake 2.2.2 and WaveShaper CM 1.3 — fix a bug with One-Shot mode, and improve multi-selection of waveform points, as well as compatibility with Cubase 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Download the new versions of Curve, FilterShaper and PanCake right from our website.

You can get Curve 2.5 CM and WaveShaper CM for free with Computer Music Magazine. If you already own them, simply click the "Check for updates" link within the plugins.

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MidiShaper 1.4 out now
February 18, 2015
MidiShaper brings Curve's flexible yet powerful LFOs and envelopes to all your favorite synthesizers and effects.

With the new version 1.4, MidiShaper's waveform editing sees many improvements and is now on par with our other plugins.

Plus, the update improves compatibility with Cubase 8 and OS X Yosemite.

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VolumeShaper 4.0.1 out now
February 13, 2015

VolumeShaper lets you shape the levels of any audio signal in pinpoint detail.

From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping — VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.

The new version 1.4 fixes a bug with its One-Shot mode and MIDI setup screen, and improves its multi-selection of waveform points, as well as compatibility with Cubase 8 and OS X Yosemite.

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Beautiful keys and deep chords: Earworm's sounds for Curve 2
February 7, 2015
Earworm's rich and detailed presets are always a huge enrichment to the community. With great love to detail he created many beautiful sounds, including a collection of great key sounds and some fantastic deep chords.

As with all of Curve's sounds, Earworm's sounds are free to all users — even if you're playing with Curve's fully functional demo version.

Cableguys: Please tell us shortly how long you are making music and when you have started to design sounds?
Earworm: I play guitar (badly — damn these stubby fingers!) since I was a kid and got interested in the weird and wonderful world of sound design about five years ago.

What do you like most about Curve 2 and what makes it unique in your opinion?
The online preset database is a neat idea. I like to use Curve for pads, stabs, dub effects,¬†wub wub basses,¬†electric pianos, bells, choirs — everything!

Which of your own presets is your favorite?
Not exactly a single preset, but I'm pleased with the trick I discovered for building chorded patches of up to six notes. I turned each oscillator into an interval by drawing and mixing "mutli-duty-cycle" waveforms. Do that with each oscillator and then tune them relatively to one another and it's possible to get some quite complex chords. Have a look at, for example, "Chord - Deep Ninth" in the preset database.

Do you have any suggestion to users of Curve 2?
Try turning something up to eleven, try extreme settings that ought not to work — sometimes they do!

Experiment with different filters types in parallel, in series, different filters on different oscillators, the same filter in parallel but with opposite modulation, or with high resonance and offset cutoff for formants.

And check Sound on Sound's "Synth Secrets" — it is well worth a read for those interested in an analytical approach to sound design.

Last but not least: Upload your best presets to the database!

Listen to Earworm's presets. Everything is the unchanged sound of Curve, even the drums, without any additional effects:

To get Earworm's new sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!

And watch out for more presets from other sound designers to come, getting the most out of Curve 2's versatility.

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Curve 2.5 out now!
— And for a limited time: Curve 33% off. Cableguys Bundle 20% off
December 16, 2014
Cableguys Curve 2.5 out now!

The new version features new Sallen-Key filter types, beat-synced envelopes, improved waveform editing, an overhauled UI and many tweaked sounds. Download the fully-functional demo.

Curve 2.5 is free for Curve 2 users—simply download it from your account. To get all the latest sounds, sync presets from within Curve once.

Until December 30 only: Save 33% on Curve 2.5, save 20% on the Cableguys Bundle!

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Chris Shaw on VolumeShaper and FilterShaper
September 1, 2014
Grammy Award winner Chris Shaw, who engineered dozens of releases for Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Weezer, Cheap Trick and Lou Reed, on how he shapes drums with VolumeShaper:

"Just wanted to let you know how invaluable VolumeShaper is for getting drum sounds in my mixes. For my rock, alternative and indie mixes, I use the Massey DRT plugin in Pro Tools to generate MIDI notes from my kick and snare tracks and send them to VolumeShaper with its LFO set to 'Fixed 1-Shot'."

So VolumeShaper gets triggered when a kick or snare hits. "This allows me to use VolumeShaper as a precision noise gate with a programmable envelope. Finally I'm able to shape drums any way I want."

Chris Shaw adds: "And FilterShaper is one of the most versatile filter plugins I've ever used; two filters — series or parallel, with LFO and envelope follower modulations (and cross-modulation) for days. Way cool."

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FilterShaper 3 — Hands-on with Computer Music magazine
April 7, 2014

Watch Computer Music get hands-on with FilterShaper 3 in this in-depth new video!

"FilterShaper 3 is a bonkers frequency-sculpting plugin that can achieve mind-bogglingly intricate modulation while managing to make all of this simple and approachable. .. We stumbled upon awesome sound after awesome sound playing around with percussion loops, shaping background atmospherics and working up evolving pads."
(Computer Music Magazine, CM 202)

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Curve 2 Reviews
"A superb synth with slick customisable waveforms and a brilliant cloud-based preset library."
January 2013

"Curve 2 is adept at everything from thunderous dubstep bass wobbles to shimmering pads, advanced, complex sequences and eerie effects."
MusicTech Magazine,
November 2012
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