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We develop state-of-the-art virtual effects as well as the critically acclaimed software synth Curve 2 — "an extremely powerful, flexible synth with a distinctive sound and a stunning, ever-expanding library of presets." (Future Music Magazine, January 2013)


June 20, 2016

Gearslutz review on PanShaper

PanShaper is just incredibly fun to use and has a wonderful feature-set. It's great on guitars, electric pianos, synths, drum loops and percussion. It can do everything from subtle widening (or tightening) of the stereo image to full-blown psychedelic pan madness. ..

Spend 30 seconds to read the instructions on how to edit waveforms and you're all set. Everything else is perfectly intuitive.

Gearslutz Reviews, June 2016

June 3, 2016

Steve Aoki on VolumeShaper

I'm working on my album and VolumeShaper is on half the channels of every song, no joke.

I use it for a variety of sidechain compression effects on mainly synths and drum loops, and it's easy to experiment with different rhythms of the compression.

Steve Aoki

June 3, 2016

Drawing melodies in Curve

We've just improved Curve's tutorials page, including a section on how to draw melodies.

It's not just plain notes that you draw, but you can easily add pitch slides — download the free demo and check the presets from Konrad, Earworm or EdT for some great examples.

May 1, 2016

Bugfix update: VolumeShaper 4.2.1 and PanShaper 1.1.1

Last week's updates introduced a bug with certain settings when using the One-Shot LFO modes in VolumeShaper or PanShaper.

This is fixed now. Please download the latest versions from the products page or from your user account.

May 1, 2016

PanShaper reviews hit the street

In the latest PanShaper reviews, MusicTech states that PanShaper is "excellent for pinpointing and panning specific drum hits in a loop, adding subtle movement to arps and pads, and for pseudo-widening without phase issues. It's a great value plug-in that's easy to use, with a clear GUI and some decent presets. PanShaper is a useful tool for controlling your stereo width in new, creative ways."

Future Music adds that "there's an awful lot to like here but what separates PanShaper from many of its competitors is its multiband functionality. That, coupled to its ease of use and wide range of creative possibilities, makes this a must-have for anyone interested in wide and dynamic stereo sound shaping."

Read all reviews

May 1, 2016

Rik Simpson on VolumeShaper

VolumeShaper is an exciting tool in my arsenal; acting as an envelope designer to really hone in on the dynamics and punch of a song. It's also the perfect sidechainer, I've always ended up taking ages to get my compressor attack and release times right when sidechaining. VolumeShaper gets the perfect result pretty much immediately. Then there's also the more creative uses, triggering the gate with syncopated MIDI, drawing a mad wave for glitchy modulation... glorious.

Grammy Award winner Rik Simpson (Coldplay, Jay Z, Kasabian)

April 24, 2016

Out now: VolumeShaper 4.2 and PanShaper 1.1

Many of you asked for it: The bands in VolumeShaper and PanShaper can now have their independent settings for their LFO and Mix controls.

A solid sidechain curve on the beat in the low end, a fast 16th gate in the high frequencies in VolumeShaper, or some fluid effects in PanShaper: The independent LFO settings allow more flexible editing, while the independent Mix controls improve fine-tuning the effect of the curves.

Plus, PanShaper now also works on mono channels and turns them into stereo (if your DAW support this; Logic does for example, after a rescan in Logic's Plugin Manager).

March 4, 2016

For extra depth and vivid sounds: PanShaper out now!

Powerful, fast modulation editing, width controls, multiband options, a streamlined interface, and unparalleled ease of use: PanShaper takes stereo control to a new level.

For a more lively sound, for pinpoint panning control, and for a more defined and wider stereo image.

Find out more.

December 25, 2015

New video: Wave editing

From precise control to fluid flow — all the details of wave editing with Cableguys plugins in under 4 minutes: This video covers it all.

December 7, 2015

Updates: MidiShaper 1.5 and PanCake 2.3

We are happy to release the biggest update for MidiShaper since its initial 1.0 release. Plus we've updated our free PanCake plugin, too.

As with the recent updates of Curve, FilterShaper and VolumeShaper, it's all about UI and workflow:

  • We've added a new drawing tool which allows to quickly add steps in the waveform.
  • Waveform points are more clearly visible and buttons are bigger and more responsive.
  • MidiShaper is now all dark. And blue! Many users have asked us for this change. If you belong to the ones who preferred the old white layout, please excuse our change to a dark skin.
  • In MidiShaper, it's now possible to resize the waveform area.
  • For PanCake, we've added a running light which shows the position within the audio nicely.

Download the full version of PanCake and the free MidiShaper trial from the products page.

If you already own MidiShaper, log in to download the free update.

November 8, 2015

Updates: Curve 2.6, FilterShaper 3.3 and VolumeShaper 4.1

These are pretty big updates and of course, they are free for owners of Curve 2, FilterShaper 3 or VolumeShaper 4.

It's all about UI and workflow:

  • We've added a new drawing tool which allows to quickly add steps in the waveform. This is especially useful for drawing melodies in Curve or for creating trance-gate-like effects.
  • It's now possible to resize the waveform area in all three plugins.
  • For FilterShaper and VolumeShaper, we've added a running light which shows the position within the audio nicely. Especially for FilterShaper, this is a great feature that provides additional helpful visual control in complex setups, for example when LFO speed is modulated by another LFO or envelope follower.
  • Waveform points are more clearly visible and buttons are bigger and more responsive.

Download the updated free trial versions right from the products page.

For full version downloads, log in to your account.


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