Multiband Stereo Modulation Pinpoint Panning Shifts Multiband Width Controls

For extra depth and vivid sounds

Powerful, fast modulation editing, width controls, multiband options, a streamlined interface, and unparalleled ease of use: PanShaper takes stereo control to a new level.

Breathe life into a static mix and make individual elements stand out. Let them pulsate, sweep, and unfold across the stereo field.

Or boost your stereo image exactly the way you want it. Widen your mix in the mid frequencies for a fuller sound, or put your bass to mono to ensure that your track retains its energy.

Our unique editing tools let you add panning effects fast, and with pinpoint detail. Multiband modulation and width controls provide the final touch for in-depth editing — the possibilities are wider than you can imagine.

For evolving, fluid modulation or rhythmic patterns, for surgical panning edits of single hits within a loop, for subtle oscillation or intense motion from left to right. For a more lively sound, for pinpoint panning control, and for a more defined and wider stereo image.

Try it out — download the demo and let PanShaper loose on your audio productions.

What separates PanShaper from many of its competitors is its multiband functionality. That, coupled to its ease of use and wide range of creative possibilities, makes this a must-have for anyone interested in wide and dynamic stereo sound shaping.

Future Music, April 2016 — Read all reviews

PanShaper is great for adding stereo interest to fully mixed or single elements in a mix, and the editing tools are incredibly easy to learn and use.

Ask.Audio, March 2016 — Read all reviews

Feature List

  • Waveform-based modulation editing
  • Multiband split with spectrum view and 6dB or 12dB slopes.
  • Independent modulation curves and stereo width controls for each band
  • Multiple panning modes (0/3/4.5/6dB 'Stereo Balance' and 'Stereo Combined') for deep control
  • Sample-accurate LFO, in sync with your DAW, and in Hz mode up to the audible range or retriggered via MIDI
  • Precise display of left/right volume for helpful visual control
  • Preset library and fast access to a comprehensive selection of preset curves

Audio demos

In all examples, you'll first hear one dry pass without PanShaper, followed by one or two passes with PanShaper's modulation and/or width controls applied. Make sure you have a good listening position to best hear the effect on the stereo image!


Wave editing

From precise control to fluid flow — all the details of wave editing with Cableguys plugins in under 4 minutes: This video covers it all.

We're using VolumeShaper here, but editing is the same for all our plugins.

For details: The manual

The PanShaper online manual tells you everything there is to know – use it!

Also included in the Cableguys Bundle

PanShaper is also included in the Cableguys Bundle, along with Curve 2, FilterShaper 3, VolumeShaper 4, and MidiShaper. Saves 45% off the combined prices of the individual products!

System Requirements

2 GHz CPU with SSE2 support
Windows 7, 8 or 10
VST host sequencer
32- or 64-bit
2 GHz Intel CPU
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
VST or AU host sequencer
32- or 64-bit