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FilterShaper 3: 30% off until January 31!
January 19, 2015

"FilterShaper 3 is a bonkers frequency-sculpting plugin that can achieve mind-bogglingly intricate modulation while managing to make all of this simple and approachable. We stumbled upon awesome sound after awesome sound playing around with percussion loops, shaping background atmospherics and working up evolving pads."
(Computer Music 202, April 2014)

FilterShaper 3.2.1 and PanCake 2.2.1 out now
December 7, 2014
In some DAWs, FilterShaper 3.2 and PanCake 2.2 have been unable to open settings of previous versions. This is fixed now. But even if everything worked fine with your DAW, we recommend that you update to the newest versions.
PanCake 2.2 out now
November 27, 2014
Our free panning plugin PanCake got improved wave editing, an overhauled UI and is now fully compatible with OS X Yosemite. Find out more.
FilterShaper 3.2 out now
November 21, 2014
The new version features improved wave editing, a cleaner UI with higher contrasts and improved compatibility with OS X Yosemite. Find out more.
VolumeShaper 4 out now!
November 5, 2014

From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping — VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.

Find out more.
Invite 5 friends to Splice — get VolumeShaper 3 free
October 10, 2014
Users who successfully invite 5 friends to join the Splice platform can get VolumeShaper 3 for free.

Splice is a cloud platform for music creation, collaboration, and sharing. It has just entered open beta and is free to join.

Offer ends November 14, 2014 at 3pm EDT.

J-Trick: "I use VolumeShaper 3 in almost all my projects. It's so easy to use and has a good variety of presets already loaded! Unlike some other sidechain plugins, I really like how easy it is to tweak the effect of the sidechain and make it unique and suitable for exactly what you want to do. My personal favorite setting is Full Sidechain 2, which I always tweak to suit the track!"
New reviews on FilterShaper 3
August 22, 2014
In its August issue, Professional audio magazine gives FilterShaper 3 the highest ratings for the sound of its filters and the versatile and precise modulations options : "Das Arbeiten mit der großen Wellenformanzeige macht so viel Spass, dass selbst Modulationsmuffel davon infiziert werden. Noch nie hatten wir das Gefühl, Modulationen so punktgenau einstellen zu können."

ReleaseTime praises the warm and musical sound of its filters, its massive modulation options and the clearly arranged interface: "Das Arbeiten mit FilterShaper 3 beginnt schon nach wenigen Minuten Spaß zu machen. Die vielen Möglichkeiten, die FilterShaper 3 bietet, verführen zu ausgedehnten Experimenten mit LFO-Kurvengestaltungen in Kombination mit Resonanz-, Cutoff-, Panorama- und Volumenreglern. FilterShaper 3 überzeugt mit warmen, organischen und musikalisch klingenden Filtern."
Qwertybob: Winner of the Curve 2 Sound Design Challenge
August 19, 2014
Complex, deep and huge creative possibilities — the Jury praises Underground Electronics, the winner preset of the Curve 2 Sound Design Challenge. Its creator Stephen Builta aka Qwertybob is a long-time Curve user, who continuously shares his presets with the community. We asked him how he came to work with Curve 2.

As with all of Curve's sounds, Qwertybob's sounds are free to all users.

Cableguys: Hi Stephen, when did you start making music and creating sounds?
Stephen Builta: My background is mainly in classical piano due to childhood piano lessons (thank you Mom and Dad!). During the same time I avidly enjoyed video games and the chippy electronic sounds stuck in my head like glue. I found out about VST instruments while exploring MIDI files on the computer and slowly worked my way to using them.

How did you come to work with Curve 2?
The idea of editable curves for use as oscillators grabbed my attention at first, but the integration with the "LFOs" (not really "low frequency" as they are tunable up to kHz!) is what I liked the most.
And I love to browse through the presets to see the unique ways other users utilize Curve 2. Seeing the secrets of a preset in Edit mode jogs my creativity and clues me in on useful techniques for working with the synthesizer.

Your preset "Undergrounds Electronic" is a very complex and deep sound. What was your idea behind it?
I really wanted to push Curve 2 to its limits and see what I could get — to make a preset where I could spend significant time playing with the macro knobs and still discover new sounds.

Do you have any suggestion to users of Curve 2?
Play with the curves. Apply liberal use of the modulation matrix and the macro knobs. Sometimes changing multiple things at a time can trigger new ideas. Stretch the limits of the synthesizer, your own imagination, and don't forget to have fun!

To get Qwertybob's sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!
New updates for Curve, FilterShaper and WaveShaper CM
August 2, 2014
Downloading sounds for Curve's, FilterShaper's and WaveShaper CM's libraries got rock-solid, and it's much faster, too — for example downloading Curve 2's 4000+ presets is only a matter of minutes now. If you ever experienced connection issues, check the new versions.

Of course you don't have to use the online feature — all plugins ship with an excerpt of their ever-growing sound libraries.

Download the new versions of Curve and FilterShaper right from our website.

You can get Curve 2 CM and WaveShaper CM for free with Computer Music Magazine and Curve 2 BE for free with the German Beat Magazine. If you already own them, simply click the "Check for updates" link within the plugins.
And the winners are..
June 25, 2014
Curve 2 Sound Design Challenge

You have sent us over 400 entries — atmospheric pads, angry basses, melodic synthlines and more... wow! Read the jury's words and listen to the winners!

Multi-layered melodies and complex rhythms: David F on his new sounds for Curve 2
June 15, 2014
Curve 2's shared Preset Library is enriched by new great sounds from David F, a hobbyist sound designer who continuously shares his fantastic presets with the Curve community.

As with all of Curve's sounds, David F's sounds are free to all users.

Cableguys: Hello David, how long are you making music?
David F: I started making music with ReBirth last century and I remember how glad I felt when my friends were listening to my first track — which was basically a single loop of a TB-303 sound playing for 20 minutes!

What do you like most about Curve 2 and what makes it unique in your opinion?
Well, I'm a 3d designer so I spend my days pushing points an pulling curves. So when I say Curve it felt like home :) Seriously, I love that you can draw precisely what you want, and that you can do that basically for everything. Having the ability to test the sound of a waveform in real time it fantastic.

For what kind of sounds do you prefer to use Curve 2?
I like the screaming FM sounds you can get when you choose the right oscillator shape. And the multi-point LFOs are great to create complex rhythms, many-faceted synthlines and even drumloops.

Which of your new presets is your favorite?
My favorite preset is probably "I used to be a hero" — a complex synthline. It expresses anger and sadness which are two feelings I really like to mix together in my music. I used two LFOs linked to the oscillators' pitches to create its melody.

Do you have any suggestion to users of Curve 2?
This synth is not like the usual VA. Curve is about... curves. So play with them, move their waveform points while the sound is playing to find the sweet spot! And create crazy LFOs!

To get David F's new sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!

And watch out for more presets from other sound designers to come, getting the most out of Curve 2's versatility.
All products updated
June 9, 2014
We've just updated all our products. The new versions contain UI fixes and — more importantly — fix a crash bug for Curve's, FilterShaper's and WaveShaper CM's intern MIDI automation.
Create a wide pad with Curve 2
May 3, 2014

In this step-by-step tutorial, our preset designer Myagi shows you how to create a wide pad with Curve 2.

Get the sound: Click "Sync" in Curve 2, and check for Myagi's preset "Crystalline Pad (Tutorial Patch)".
Synthesist Michael Kastrup: New sounds for Curve 2
April 23, 2014
We expanded Curve 2's shared Preset Library with new beautiful presets from Michael Kastrup. His creations reflect Kastrup's knowledge about decades of synthesizer and keyboard sounds, giving you beautiful classic synth sounds and some fantastic rich pads with a lot of motion.

As with all of Curve's sounds, Michael Kastrup's sounds are free to all users.

Cableguys: Hello Michael Kastrup. Where do you come from and since when are you designing sounds?
Michael Kastrup: I am a synthesist from Denmark and started working as a sound designer in the late 80's when studios began to implement advanced synthesizers like Korg M1, Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX7.

What do you like most about Curve 2 and what makes it unique in your opinion?
Today's modern music making requires tight and interesting modulation. Curve 2 is perfect for that, with more options than most other synthesizers.

Which one of the new presets is your favorite?
"E-Motion" is my favorite because there is lots of motion in it. It uses keytrack to speed up the LFOs as you play higher notes, which adds this special touch.

Do you have any suggestion to users of Curve 2?
Curve 2 is perfect for experimenting with sound: Often the real interesting modulation happens when you combine 2 or more LFOs at different settings on the same target. You won't always be able to predict the outcome and that's the fun with it!

Listen to Michael Kastrup's new presets, including his beautiful pad "E-Motion":

To get Michael Kastrup's new sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!
Updates for Curve, FilterShaper and WaveShaper CM
April 17, 2014
In some setups, using a flat waveform in an oscillator could lead to erroneous output in Curve, which we fixed. And we've also fixed a UI bug which could occur after editing macros in Curve or MIDI assignments in Curve, FilterShaper or WaveShaper CM.
Striking pads and lead sounds: Xenos' new sounds for Curve 2
April 14, 2014
Curve 2's shared Preset Library keeps growing with new fantastic sounds from Xenos Soundworks.

Xenos created some beautiful deep atmospheric pads and striking lead sounds, letting his preferences for FM synthesis shine through. He also talked with us about how he got into sound design and what he likes most about Curve 2.

As with all of Curve's sounds, Xenos' sounds are free to all users.

Cableguys: Hello Xenos. How long have you been making music?
Xenos: I had about 18 years hobbyist experience as a synth programmer before getting my start professionally back in 2006. My first real keyboard was a Yamaha DX100 my mum got me for my 10th birthday, and I learned my way around FM synthesis from a very early age.

What style of sounds do you prefer?
As FM was the very first synthesis type I learned, it definitely influenced my style and sound. I would describe it as being very tonal and precise, with a tendency towards more stark and gritty textures. However, when I first got my hands on a non-FM synth (Roland JX8P), I was like "WOW!" It sounded so smooth and organic. I had never seen filters before then, and was surprised how the sound could be so dramatically changed with something so simple. A VA synth just has a character you simply cannot get from an FM synth. That had quite a big effect on my style as well.

What do you like most about Curve 2 and what makes it unique in your opinion?
What I like most about Curve 2 is the ability to use your custom waveforms as LFOs. Its FM synthesis parameters are great for adding an icy touch to your sound. If you're into Dubstep, FM is definitely your friend. It's how you get those robotic, aggressive basses.

Do you have any suggestions for users of Curve 2?
Take a Dubstep bass, automate Curve's Macros, and you have the twisting, warbling, morphing basslines we all love. There's another aspect of Curve 2 that deserves a mention: Thanks to the ability to draw complex waveshapes and use them as LFOs, it's a GREAT choice for making moving, evolving pads, soundscapes and atmospheres. You can stack 4 LFOs at once, each having a custom built shape, and create complicated rhythmic sequences that loop across several bars.

To get Xenos' new sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!
Everything updated
February 28, 2014
All our plugins now feature multi-selection of waveform points via ALT-click, to move, scale, mirror or delete multiple points at once — for even more comfortable and faster waveform editing.

And we've updated all of them to the latest Cableguys codebase, bringing small bug fixes, a reduced CPU usage and smoother UI control.
FilterShaper 3 Tutorial
February 24, 2014

Myagi had a close look at FilterShaper 3, showcasing its features and sound in this new video tutorial. We hope you like it!
Crazy patterns and synthlines: EdT on his new sounds for Curve 2
February 13, 2014
This week we added some great inspiring presets from Ed Ten Eyck (EdT) to Curve 2's shared Preset Library. His trademark are unique rhythmical and melodic synthlines that take full advantage of Curve's freely editable LFOs and envelopes. We have been curious how he comes up with his ideas and asked him to give us some insights to his approach of creating new sounds.

Cableguys: Hello Ed Ten Eyck. How long have you been making music?
Ed Ten Eyck: Hi. I've been making music since 1985. Through the years I have made presets for hardware synths (Juno-106 and Wavestation), but switched over to creating on virtual synths in 2010.

What do you like most about Curve 2 and what makes it unique in your opinion?
The thing I like the most about Curve 2 is that I can draw my own waves. The ability to use these waves as OSCs and LFOs makes it unique. It's quite flexible and a great way to get inspired.

For what kind of sounds do you prefer Curve 2?
Rhythmic, synthline and bassline sounds are my favorite with Curve2. Layering them can produce some interesting grooves.

Which one of the presets you have just uploaded is your favorite?
Mantis Groove. It's fun to experiment making glitchy patterns with it in the DAW vs. just holding a note for the whole bar. Filter and resonance are assigned to the modwheel which is useful for effect.

Do you have any suggestions for users of Curve 2?
Try using fast fixed sync LFOs to modulate filter cutoff and resonance for interesting tones. Use LFO 3 or 4 for fixed syncs, and you still have LFO 1 and 2 open for beat retriggering.

If you want to listen to EdT's typical glitchy patterns in action, listen to this track, including his new presets "Mantis Groove", "Sawpan" and "Biperc":

To get EdT's new sounds, just open Curve 2, hit the Sync button and you can check them out for yourself!
FilterShaper 3 out now!
January 20, 2014

FilterShaper 3 takes a giant leap into unconventional sound design with two powerful filters, freely editable modulation curves, and an immensely flexible modulation framework.

Find out more.
Congrats to Solidtrax for winning with Curve 2 CM!
November 27, 2013
In the latest KVR One-Synth-Challenge Solidtrax won the third prize with their electro-house track "Parabola".

The challenge was to produce a track using only one of the synths that ship with Computer Music Magazine for all sounds, including drums.

Bastiaan & Menno from Solidtrax about the contest and why they chose Curve 2 CM:

"Curve 2 CM was quite obvious for us because of the drawable OSCs and envelopes and the freedom and possibilities it provides for sound designers", they say. "We love Curve 2 CM's macros that are so damn easy to set up via drag'n'drop. And we love the FM possibilities — it's so easy to add grit in a flash."

"So we started with a stab sound, added some layered sounds and made use of panning, so that every layer of the stab has its place in the mix. Thanks to long attack times, the layers do not conflict with the stab (check out preset 'StringsMadeForLotsaVerb'). We then created our sound 'ElectroBass 2', inspired by a famous Yamaha DX sound, to let the track roll. The song was then completed with drums, basses, some FX sounds and a lot of automation of Curve 2 CM's macro controls."

For the limitation the challenge provides, they add: "We think you get very creative when you only use one sound source - we encourage every producer to do this some time!"

For all Curve 2 and Curve 2 CM users: Solidtrax uploaded all presets they designed for this track to Curve's shared preset library. So don't forget to hit the "Sync" button and get the newest presets from Solidtrax!

Solidtrax on SoundCloud:
Solidtrax on Twitter:
Create an EDM supersaw synth bass with Curve 2
May 29, 2013

In this step-by-step tutorial, our preset designer Myagi shows you how to create a supersaw synth bass with Curve 2.
WaveShaper CM—FREE with Computer Music magazine
May 24, 2013

Free with Computer Music magazine, WaveShaper CM is a plugin effect that lets you design your own distortion curves and analyze signals with a built-in multi-function oscilloscope.

Computer Music magazine's latest issue ships with our newest VST/AU plugin, that we've designed exclusively for them. Here's what you get in WaveShaper CM:
  • Design your own waveshaping curves using soft, hard and sharp points
  • Oscilloscope with Stereo, Left or Right view and Waveform zoom and freeze, syncable by tempo, frequency or MIDI note
  • Online preset sharing system with tons of ready-to-go presets
  • 32-/64-bit Mac VST/AU
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST
Get the latest issue of Computer Music magazine online and you can download WaveShaper CM right away. Find out more:
Updates for Curve, VolumeShaper and PanCake
October 1, 2013
Curve 2.1.3, VolumeShaper 3.1.4 and PanCake 2.0.3 are out now: We've fixed some small bugs, we've reduced CPU usage and we've made the UI behave smoother.

Download the new versions!
June 26, 2013
Pro Tools 11 is out and more and more users ask us to support its plugin format AAX (RTAS is not supported with Pro Tools 11 any more). Well supporting AAX means less time for new features, so we wonder:

Should we support AAX now? Or should we spend our time on new features or FilterShaper 3?

Vote for it on Facebook!
VolumeShaper 3.1.3 and WaveShaper CM 1.1.1 out now
June 3, 2013
VolumeShaper and WaveShaper CM can now be used on mono channels, too. If you're using Logic, you might need to select and rescan these plugins in Logic's Audio Units Manager.
Curve 2.1 out now
May 7, 2013
Curve 2.1 brings an important bug fix for Curve's aliasing mode plus some minor other fixes.

Also, we've improved the syncing of Curve's presets with the online preset library—the major change, besides a speedup, is that with Curve 2.1 also your private presets will be backed up online.

If you ever set up a new computer, simply click "Sync" and not only your public presets and ratings, but also your private presets will be in place again (given you synced them before, of course).
Curve 2.0.6 out now
April 20, 2013
Curve 2.0.6 is out now. This version fixes another bug with hanging notes, which could occur with legato and mono modes.
Faster server
March 27, 2013
To speed up Curve's online preset database, we are migrating to a faster server today. Even when many users download the latest database at the same time, the new server will handle this smoothly.

So Curve's online preset database and maybe even our website will not be reachable for some hours today—please be patient with us, in some hours syncing will be faster than ever!
CreateDigitalMusic on Cableguys
March 4, 2013
"It's just hard to use words to describe just how good the Cableguys stuff is." — Peter Kirn, one of the most influential and active bloggers on music technology, in his review of our line of products and demo philosophy.
Curve 2.0.5 out now, adding tons of great new sounds
February 20, 2013
Curve 2.0.5 is out now. The new version fixes a bug with hanging notes (which could occur when switching presets or toggling mono/legato modes while playing multiple notes), and can can load all presets of Curve 2 CM. Simply hit "Sync" from within Curve 2.0.5 (demo or full version), get a coffee, and a bit later Curve will contain more than 110 pages of presets!

This adds new quality patches by preset designers such as Michael Kastrup, Pluginguru, Xenos Soundworks and community designers Konrad, Earworm, EdT, to name a few.
PanCake 2 is here!
February 12, 2013
Just in time for PanCake day, PanCake 2 is out now!

"As you'd expect from Cableguys, PanCake is a wacky, customisable, over-the-top stereo panner—it's autopanning taken to loony extremes."
— Computer Music Specials, August 2011

New in version 2: A precise display of channel left/right volume for helpful visual control, an option to trigger the LFO via MIDI notes, a dry/wet control, plus a redesigned interface.

Find out more.
Curve 2 CM with Computer Music 188
February 11th, 2013

Curve 2 CM is out now! It's a reduced version of our Curve 2 synth, featuring the same filter settings, 16-voice unisono mode, legato modes and unique waveform editor for broad oscillator timbres and sound manipulation.

It ships with Curve 2's online preset sharing system and author profiles, has 2 OSCs, 1 LFO, 2 envelopes and 3 macro controls. Powered by Curve's sound engine, it has the same excellent sound quality. Make sure to check its preset library—tuned for its feature set and with a variety of sounds, created by skilled preset designers.

Get Curve 2 CM with Computer Music Magazine 188 or with any later issue of Computer Music. You can even purchase the issue online and start playing today!

For 3 OSCs with noise generation and waveform crossfade, for 4 LFOs, 3 EGs, 4 macro controls, additional richness for the sounds, more depth for pads and more rhythmic options, as well as for tons of additional presets (3000+ presets at the time of writing), check the Curve 2 demo—it is fully functional and has no time limit.
David Guetta on VolumeShaper
January 24, 2013

David Guetta on cutting a kick to fit with the bassline: "Very very recently I've found a way to do it that is really amazing, I actually did it here.. the sidechain that I am using with the bass is something that is called VolumeShaper".

Btw. it's a great video with quite some tricks in there, definitely worth watching!
Curve 2 reviews hit the street
January 19, 2013
The press weighs in on Curve 2, our "superb synth with slick customisable waveforms and a brilliant cloud-based preset library" (ComputerMusic).

"This powerful wave-sculping synth returns with improved envelopes, double the oscillators and an extraordinary preset library. .. The addition of multistage envelopes makes a huge difference to the sort of sounds Curve 2 can make, and nudges it into the same league as instruments costing much more."
ComputerMusic, January 2013
— You can read most of the review online on MusicRadar

"Sonically, it's a spectacular synth: expansive, rich, full of life and movement, and always interesting. .. The oscillators are supremely versatile, generating anything from novel twists on the conventional analogue waveforms to crazy 'digital' tones and everything in between.. Curve 2 is an extremely powerful, flexible synth with a distinctive sound and a stunning, ever-expanding library of presets."
FutureMusic, January 2013

"Although Curve 2 looks a little clinical, it actually produces some amazing results. It's adept at everything from thunderous dubstep bass wobbles to shimmering pads, advanced, complex sequences and eerie effects."
MusicTech Magazine, November 2012

"Curve 2 is a programmer's dream. .. Yes, it takes a little getting used to and no, it doesn't feature any internal effects. But don't let either of these things put you off—Curve is well worth it anyway, as it genuinely rewards experimentation."
Resident Advisor, 11/2012 (Full article online)

"Curve 2 überzeugt durch einen modernen, sauberen und transparenten Klang. Warme, satte Analogbässe, elektronische Drums, durchsetzungsfähige Solo-Instrumente sind ebenso möglich wie moderne und temposynchrone Dance-Rhythmen, E-Piano-Varianten, breite Flächen, Effekt-Texturen und Experimentalklänge."
KEYS, 02/2013

"In Version 2 hat sich Curve von einem Geheimtipp für Klangschrauber zu einem mächtigen Allrounder gemausert, der insbesondere bei atmosphärischen Sounds, komplexen Sequenzen und abgedrehten Effekten zu glänzen weiß." — English translation: "With version 2, Curve has evolved from one of the industry's best kept secrets for sound enthusiasts to a powerful prodigy, especially masterful when it comes to atmospheric sounds, complex sequences and crazy FX sounds."
Beat, 12/2012

"Der Synthesizer macht viel Spaß und ist mit ausreichenden Möglichkeiten ausgestattet. .. Der bis zu 16-stimmige Unisono-Modus des Curve lässt sehr satte Klänge zu, die auch sehr schön schweben.", 11/2012 (Full article online)

"Nach wie vor das Killerfeature ist der großzügig bemessene Bereich, in dem Du bis zu zehn Wellenformen zeichnen kannst, um diese Kurven den Oszillatoren, den LFOs oder den Hüllkurven zuzuweisen. .. So können alle denkbaren Klänge entstehen, von gepflegt wobbelnden Bässen für Dubstep et al. über FX-Sounds und sich langsam aufbauende Pads bis hin zu immer neuen Timbres auf der Grundlage sehr komplexer Oszillatorenwellen.", 10/2012 (Full article online)

"Since it rewards the user so highly for putting time and effort into sound design, it's great to see the inclusion of a built-in browser for accessing other users' patches directly from the plugin (synced via an Internet connection)."
Attack Magazine, 12/2012 (Full article online)

"It's a monster of a synth dressed up in very sedate clothing. The interface is clean and clear yet hides a vast amount of power and tweakability."
Wusik Sound Magazine, 12/2012 (Full article online)

Curve 2.0.4 and VolumeShaper 3.1.2 out now
January 6th, 2013
These updates fix a crash bug in Curve and VolumeShaper for old versions of OS X and a bug for Curve which could result in wrong sounds when switching presets while holding modwheel or aftertouch.
Curve 2.0.3 and VolumeShaper 3.1.1 out now
December 23, 2012
These updates fix a crash bug for Curve and VolumeShaper which could happen in Cubase (and maybe other hosts too).
VolumeShaper 3.1 out now
December 14, 2012
The new version adds a mix (dry/wet) control, so you can easily adjust your sidechain compression effect, your gated rhythm or tempo-synced stutter.
Curve 2.0.2—introducing profile images
October 19, 2012
Curve 2 is becoming an even more exciting place to share your sounds!

We'd like to invite you to download the latest version and add a short text on you, to add your web links (website, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter) and profile image. Others will learn more about you whenever they see a preset you did.

This update also fixes bugs with routing velocity to EG 1/2 and with modulation of LFO speed.
Curve 2 out now!
October 2, 2012

Curve is a software synthesizer with an irresistible waveform editor, huge sound library and slick interface. Ideal for both experimentation and detailed tweaking at an excellent sound quality.

Find out more.
Sascha Dikiciyan on Curve
October 2, 2012
Sascha Dikiciyan aka "Sonic Mayhem", one of today's most in-demand video game composers (Mass Effect 3, Borderlands, Tron:Evolution and Quake series), provided insight into his work in Computer Music's September issue.

As he pointed out, "this is an industry that moves really, really quickly, so you always need to be ahead of the game." Check out what he said about his favorite software:

"My number one is Cableguys Curve. I used that for a lot of the low-end bass stuff on Mass Effect 3. The analogue sound is totally irresistible, but then you've also got the added advantage of being able to edit the waveforms in real time."

Computer Music, September 2012
And the winner is...
September 17, 2012
It took a bit to sight more than 500 submission for Curve 2's preset contest.

And the winner is... "Mystery Horizon" by Konrad! A wonderful atmospheric pad sound that makes clever use of Curve's LFOs and waveform crossfade. Konrad, congratulations for this great masterpiece and for winning a lifetime supply of Cableguys plugins!

Top 2: "Fizzoo" by EdT — a crazy synthline accompanied by some shaker rhythm, spinning Curve's rhythmic LFOs and getting our heads shaking instantly.

Top 3: "Stack 001" by Rics — a massive, to-the-point bass sound. Well, nothing you haven't heard before, but this one is just great. Highly appreciated.

And there are more winners for rank 4–50. Congratulations to all of you!
Out now: MidiShaper 1.2.1
August 20, 2012
This update brings fixes for bugs that got introduced with MidiShaper 1.2:

- In many cases, assigning more than one modulation target was broken.
- The envelopes ignored most Note-Off messages.
- Routing multiple LFOs or envelopes to the same modulation target did not add modulations correctly any more.
MidiShaper 1.2 out now!
July 23, 2012
The new version gives you more opportunities to integrate your devices: It can receive MIDI not only directly from the host sequencer, but also via MIDI ports, allows you to define MIDI channels for input and output and to limit its LFO-triggering to a single note.

And we've added a snap-to-grid function to MidiShaper's waveform editor.

Find out more.
Curve 2 Beta 9—introducing macros
July 16, 2012
This beta took a while to do, but what a joy it was. We proudly present: Macros.

Explore vast sound variations quickly and let multiple parameters alter at once with Curve's new macro knobs. Create your own versatile macro assignments with our straight-forward drag'n'drop controls. Jerome, our preset designer, will do the same and expand the best presets from the community for quick access to those parameters that define the core of a sound.

Thicken up your sounds with the new predefined Fatness macro.

We've also improved the preset history feature, fixed two rare bugs with unison mode and wrong wavepoints, and improved their snapping.

And don't forget: The preset contest is still running and lets you win all plugins we'll ever do!
Setting up MidiShaper in Logic
July 2, 2012
We've just added a comprehensive tutorial on setting up MidiShaper in Logic.
Curve 2 Beta 7
June 5, 2012
The latest version brings you the biggest beta update to-date—we've added flexible filter routing by adding two of the most requested feature wishes: Parallel filters and the option of routing the oscillators to individual filters.

The routing modes can even be set for each oscillator individually! In detail:

- Filter 1 -> 2: Process the OSC by filter 1 and afterwards by filter 2 (serial routing).
- Filter 1 only: Process the OSC by filter 1 only.
- Filter 2 only: Process the OSC by filter 2 only.
- Filter 1+2: Process the OSC by both filter 1 and 2 (parallel routing).
- Filter 1+2 L+R: Process the OSC's left channel by filter 1 and the right channel by filter 2 (parallel routing).
- Bypass Filters: Do not filter the OSC.

Furthermore, we've removed filter zipper noise and volume noise which could occur while editing a sound or when automation either cutoff, resonance or volume.
Curve 2 preset contest—win big!
May 13, 2012
During Curve 2's public beta testing phase, we're running a contest to find the best, most mind-blowing preset sounds.

We're looking for unusual sounds—the ones that push Curve to its limits—but we're also looking for clever, useful sounds and just about anything that sounds amazing. There are a lot of prizes in the pot for the top-50 presets. And we'll pick our absolute favorite preset: Its creator gets all plugins we ever do, now and in the future, for free!


Top 1: All plugins we'll ever do
Top 2: Cableguys Bundle
Top 3: Curve 2
Top 4—50: EUR 20/USD 28 discount on a Curve 2 license

So download the Curve 2 beta and get started as soon as possible—the contest closes at the end of the beta testing phase. For some useful hints on creating presets, have a look at Curve's preset tutorial.

For a public discussion on Curve 2 or the preset contest, see Curve's forum thread.


- If you win a product that you already own, we'll refund your previous payments.
- Prizes cannot be sold.
- Multiple discounts can be added together.
- Presets done by Cableguys' staff are excluded from the competition.
VolumeShaper 3 review by Beat
May 7, 2012
VolumeShaper 3 got 6 of 6 points in German Beat magazine.

"For tempo-synced stutter, ducking or gating, for distortion, bit-crushing and ring modulation or for complex rhythmic patterns: VolumeShaper 3 shows its strength in a multitude of applications."
Beat, 05/2012
VolumeShaper 3 review by MusicTech
April 18, 2012
"This is a godsend for anyone producing four-to-the-floor music.. the curves you can create are much more flexible and musical than what can be done with a sidechained gate or compressor alone."
MusicTech, April 2012
Curve 2 public beta
March 30, 2012
Curve 2 takes its preset sharing steps further and adds more creative sound features. All this while keeping its ease of use, at an excellent sound quality.

Version 2 is now available for public beta testing (PC+Mac, VST+RTAS+AU, 32- and 64-bit).

So download the public beta, try Curve, share your sounds and report as many bugs as you can. Find out more.
VolumeShaper 3 review by bedroomproducersblog
March 11, 2012
"... The thing which makes VolumeShaper so special is the amount of control you have over the modulation process. A great plugin which got even better..."

We should add that the review mentions a great idea on our new oscilloscope: "Having such control over the zoom settings means that VolumeShaper 3 can actually serve as a rather flexible oscilloscope plugin, if you leave all amplitude modulation settings at zero!"

Read the full review on
VolumeShaper 3 is here!
February 23, 2012

VolumeShaper is a plugin for shaping and automating the levels of any audio signal. From signature pumping effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping, VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume. For Mac and Windows, as VST, AU or RTAS plugin.

New in version 3: A precise oscilloscope for helpful visual control, plus an option to trigger the LFO via MIDI notes.

Find out more.
Happy 2012!
January 6, 2012
This is just a quick review and a very big thank you to all our users for your support in 2011!

Thanks to you, the early adopters, the ones who are curious to test and install new software, the ones who provided precious feedback with bug reports, feature wishes or just short happy emails, we can look back at a successful year 2011. It has set our course for the future.

In order to meet the increasing demand for our products, we are going to extend our team for sound design and email support in 2012. Thus, we can further push Curve's shared preset library and keep email answering times short while concentrating on new developments.

2012 will come up with a great Curve 2 release, fine new versions of our whole product line, and we plan to launch a small fun product. Stay tuned with Cableguys in 2012 and join our newsletter on the right-hand side if you want to stay updated — we are starting in an exciting year which you do not want to miss!
Out now: MidiShaper 1.1.4
December 18, 2011
Sometimes an LFO stopped playing after changing its sync mode, and produced spikes directly after playing a note. Both issues are fixed now.
Announcing Curve 2
December 12, 2011

Curve 2 is in the making, taking its preset sharing steps further and adding more creative sound features. All this while keeping its ease of use, at an excellent sound quality. Find out more.
Out now: Curve 1.4.5
November 22, 2011
This update fixes a bug with Curve's glide mode: In many cases, gliding down made the target note a semitone higher than how it was played.
Whirlpool Records launches Levitation feat. Mocci Ryen remix contest
November 21, 2011
Leviation is best known for their appearance on several Café del Mar compilations and for their two songs "More Than Ever People" and "Out of Time" which have been extensively featured on TV and radio throughout the globe.

With the new album being released in February 2012 both digitally and physically, our friends at Whirlpool Records want to give you the opportunity to create a remix of the upcoming single "How wonderful" and win prizes by Ohmforce, Soundcloud and us. On top of that, the winning remix will be featured on the single "How Wonderful", released February 2012. Submission ends December 23rd.

Be creative and inspired, check their prizes and find out more on their contest page.
FilterShaper review in Beat magazine
November 21, 2011
"... With FilterShaper, Cableguys succeeded in building an exciting tool to manipulate sound. Be it soft and tender filter sweeps, vibrant sound variations, wobble basses or tremolo effects, the plugin has enormous creative potential and allows for experimentation thanks to its user-friendly interface. Also, the low price is praiseworthy..."
Beat, November 2011
MidiShaper review by rekkerd
November 18, 2011
"... For creating more advanced effects, the waveform drawing features in MidiShaper are hard to beat. Much like all other Cableguys plugins I have used MidiShaper is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely flexible..."
Read the full review on
Evil Nine on MidiShaper
November 18, 2011
For over a decade Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy, comprising the acclaimed DJ/Producer duo Evil Nine from Brighton, have distinguished themselves as innovators who refuse to blend into the scene, deriving their musical flavour from an enviable array of influences. Our products turned out to be a fixture with the two:

"We're big fans of all the Cableguys plugins, but MidiShaper is our favourite. Being able to output MIDI CC's from your envelopes and LFOs to any other plugin in your DAW creates so many new possibilities, it's such a great sound design tool!" — Pat Party (Evil Nine)
Syke'n'Sugarstarr aka SESA on Curve
November 14, 2011
Working together in the music biz since the late nineties, Syke'n'Sugarstarr are one of today's in demand House-DJs and Producers. Their impressive list of production and remix credits gathered over the past eight years includes such renowned artists as Armand van Helden, Barbara Tucker, David Vendetta, Mousse T, Incognito, Michael Gray and Axwell, etc.

The guys have also been behind the best selling Dance-Tune in Germany within the last 10 years — "For You" (Disco Boys), for what they recently received a Gold & Platinum Award.

Serhat Sakin aka SESA was also the producer-head-honcho for the worldwide smash-hit "So Many Times" (Gadjo feat. Alexandra Prince). And not to forget his own scorcher "Like This Like That" (ft. Sharon Phillips) which was also #1 in numerous Dance-Charts in the UK.

"I really love the idea behind Curve! This unlimited growing plugin always provides for new surprise. ...Tweet it! Save it! Sync it! ;)" — Serhat Sakin (Syke'n'Sugarstarr aka. SESA)
Plugin roundup in Interface magazine
November 11, 2011
Dutch Interface magazine have their hands on all Cableguys plugins in their current November issue. They especially like them for their vast amount of possibilites and innovation. Curve's integrated online preset browser also receives kudos. The free PanCake is a must, they add. Some excerpts from their roundup:

Curve: "The many routing options and extensive waveform editor allow for easy programming of the most complex sequences. ... Curve's sound is perfectly rounded and high fidelity. But you can give the entire plugin a different sound character by switching the mode of Quality. If set to 'Rough', the instrument changes to a gritty variant of itself, reminiscent of the Casio CZ series."

FilterShaper 2: "Loading the waveforms into its four LFOs is FilterShaper's secret weapon. The complex filter movements you can achieve are endless and go way beyond the functionality of a normal filter."

MidiShaper: "With MidiShaper you can change the simplest synthesizers to complex instruments."
Interface, November 2011
Updates for all products
October 28, 2011
These updates fix graphic issues with older host sequencers on Mac OS X and reduce both memory and CPU consumption on Mac OS X and Windows.
RTAS support
October 14, 2011
Curve, FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake are now fully RTAS compatible (for Pro Tools 8 and higher).
Bugfix updates for all products
October 14, 2011
These updates fix graphic issues with the waveform area, which could happen with some graphic cards and especially with OS X Lion.

In some cases, MidiShaper might have stopped sending MIDI signal in Ableton Live. We fixed that as well.
Out now: MidiShaper 1.1
September 5, 2011
MidiShaper 1.1 includes the much requested support for AudioUnits and can output MIDI not only to a host sequencer directly, but also to physical and virtual MIDI ports. With some hosts and plugins this makes setting up MidiShaper much easier.
Out now: Curve 1.4.2
August 9, 2011
You might have experienced Internet connection errors when you synced presets with Curve's online database. With this update, syncing presets becomes much more stable.
MidiShaper is here!
August 7, 2011
Powered by Curve's unique modulations engine, MidiShaper brings Curve's flexible yet powerful LFOs and envelopes to all your favorite software synthesizers and effects, to your hardware synthesizers, MIDI VJ tools, lighting consoles and 1980's MIDI keyboards.

You can try before you buy—just download the demo. The demo is fully functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance of MidiShaper per song, and you can't save presets. And if you like what you see, you can purchase MidiShaper in our shop.

Watch an informative MidiShaper movie and get all the details here.
Out now: Curve 1.4.1, FilterShaper 2.2.2, VolumeShaper 2.2.2, PanCake 1.2.2
July 28, 2011
Switching play modes could lead to hanging notes in Curve 1.4. This is fixed now. Also, we fixed a drawing bug in the waveform area for all plugins.
Tobias Lützenkirchen on Cableguys
July 25, 2011
Tobias Lützenkirchen is Munich's foremost electro-techno exponent, producer of 2008's German Top 10 chart hit "3 Tage Wach" and remixer for the likes of John Digweed and Coburn. When you listen to his new tracks, chances are good that you'll hear our plugins at work. As he points out:

"VolumeShaper and FilterShaper are for me the go-to bread-n-butter tools that I've used in every production every day since I've had 'em. Period."
Out now: Curve 1.4
July 17, 2011
Curve 1.4 has a feature-rich mono mode, plus legato and glide, and we've designed it all to allow you great depth of control. Not only can glide times be set in mono and legato modes, but also when playing in polyphonic mode. And glide times can be set to be constant or proportional.

But there's even more. Individual glide times can be set for each oscillator, yielding tonally rich transitions when gliding between notes, from drones and other weird effects to slick, snappy attacks.
Updated MidiShaper to 1.0b2
July 11, 2011
A new beta of MidiShaper is online, bringing more info texts, as well as two bugfixes for its beat-synced modes and its EGs.
Bugfix for Curve's preset rating
July 7, 2011
If you are using the full version of Curve it is possible that your preset ratings were overwritten by ratings made by others. We are very sorry for this. It is fixed now (in the server code; you do not have to download a new version of Curve).
Enhance your synths and effects with MidiShaper
June 21, 2011
Powered by Curve's unique modulations engine, MidiShaper brings Curve's flexible yet powerful LFOs and envelopes to all your favorite synthesizers and effects.

MidiShaper is now available for public beta testing (PC+Mac, VST, 32+64-bit).

MidiShaper will be EUR 20/USD 30, but you can get it for as low as EUR 10/USD 15 within a short period after release. Join our newsletter on the right-hand side if you want to get an e-mail as soon as we release MidiShaper.
Out now: Curve 1.3.2, FilterShaper 2.2.1, VolumeShaper 2.2.1, PanCake 1.2.1
June 20, 2011
We improved CPU usage for all plugins a bit and fixed a crash bug in Curve that could happen when renaming a preset.
64-bit Mac
June 20, 2011
64-bit versions of our full product line are now also available for the Mac.
Updated Curve to 1.3.1
June 13, 2011
In some cases, Curve 1.3 was crashing your host. We have fixed that now, and we highly recommend that you update to the latest version of Curve.

Also, as a result of user feedback (thanks David!) we have improved the behavior of Curve's new One-Shot-LFO.
Out now: Curve 1.3, FilterShaper 2.2, VolumeShaper 2.2, PanCake 1.2
June 9, 2011
Everything's updated. Now all our plugins have 40 wavepoints for drawing waveforms. More weirdness, more control for wobbles, for arpeggios in Curve, etc.

On top of that, Curve has now an additional feature: One-shot LFOs, particularly good for drums. In case you are using a one-shot LFO, you can draw in the precise envelope you prefer (we must admit this ranked low in Curve's public wish list, but we got it done in almost no time by reusing the code from our upcoming plugin MidiShaper).

Furthermore, Curve's LFO 1+2 can now be optionally synced to the host position, instead of being retriggered.

Curve 1.3 is just out. Curve 1.4 is in the making. Still some work to do, but legato — top-rated in Curve's public wish list — will be introduced with Curve 1.4.
More Curve reviews hit the street
May 26, 2011
Curve got covered in magazines such as Computer Music, SoundOnSound, Sound & Recording, Beats and KEYS, in blogs such as rekkerd, OhDrat and PlugINdex.

Read some quotes by print magazines or read full articles by rekkerd, OhDrat or PlugINdex.
Updated PanCake to 1.1.2
April 29, 2011
We just updated our free panning effect PanCake to 1.1.2. Since version 1.1.1 loading of custom edits was not possible any more. This is fixed now.
Updated Curve to 1.2
April 4, 2011
Curve has undergone major improvements. Version 1.2 is now available, adding all three top user wishes and still just as easy to use:

- Modulation of individual OSC parameters: We knew this would help make Curve better, but we are actually quite impressed with the impact it has on Curve's sound capabilities. This is huge! We hope you'll love it too.
- Save presets without community upload: You can decide if a preset that you add to Curve's preset library should only be available to you or if you want to share it with the community.
- Modulation of LFO rates: Not just for the wobble addicts out there, but also for FX sounds and more.

Curve 1.2 additional updates:

- 64-bit support for PC.
- An improved polyphony algorithm.
- Better sound for fast-running LFOs.

And here are the lucky winners of the preset competition:

TOP 1: ennoK - AutoBass
TOP 10: Presets by jfo, lyann, janderson, ennoK, Roman Prokofev
64-bit support for FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake
March 30, 2011
We added 64-bit support for PC to our effects, included in the latest downloads.

64-bit support for Curve will come soon with Curve 1.2.
Curve 1.2 public beta
March 14, 2011
Curve 1.2 is now available for public beta testing, adding all three top user wishes and still just as easy to use.

Modulation of individual OSC parameters, saving of presets without community upload and modulation of LFO rates: All done. Curve 1.2 also brings 64-bit support for PC, an improved polyphony algorithm and better sound for fast-running LFOs. All free for existing users.

Help us make Curve rock solid: share your ideas for improvement and report as many bugs as you can. You can reach us via And please also let us know if you particularly like something!

The beta has the same restrictions as a demo version. Its preset library is independent from Curve 1.1.1, and you can run both Curve versions simultaneously. This first beta comes without presets—click "sync presets" in Curve's GUI to get started. Note that features may still change while Curve 1.2 is in beta.

Preset Contest
During the public beta testing phase, we're again running a contest to find the best, most mind-blowing preset sounds.

Top 10: We're going to pick our top 10 favorite sounds from all the sounds created during the public beta. We'll look at your ratings, but we're going to be selfish just this once and pick the ones that excite us personally. We're especially looking for sounds that make use of Curve's enhanced modulation possibilities. Each top-10 preset wins its creator a EUR 20/USD 28 coupon code for any of our products.

Top 1: We'll also pick our absolute favorite preset. Its creator gets Curve for free.

So get started as soon as possible—the contest closes at the end of the beta testing phase. For some useful hints on creating presets, have a look at Curve's preset tutorial.

Note that only presets submitted with Curve 1.2 beta enter this contest.

Curve preset contest — and the winner is..
February 8, 2011
Lots of great kick drums have been uploaded in the last days, and we are impressed at what you could get out of Curve!

It was difficult to decide upon a winner preset, but we ended up picking a winner: congrats to Roman Prokofev for designing both "Piercing Kick" and "Wobble Kick" and winning a free copy of Curve. We love "Piercing Kick" for its defined, precise and punchy bass, and "Wobble Kick" for its...ehm...wobbling. Something for the wobbling addicts out there. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in our contest!
Introducing Cableguys Bundle
February 3, 2011
Now, with all effects updated, we feel it's time for a Cableguys Bundle, containing the latest versions of Curve, FilterShaper and VolumeShaper.

Until March 1st, you can get the Cableguys Bundle for a special introductory price of EUR 129/USD 174!

If you already own one of our products, you have the option of upgrading to the Cableguys bundle, which gives you an even bigger discount. Please log in to see your personal upgrade offer.
FilterShaper 2.1, VolumeShaper 2.1, PanCake 1.1 out now
February 3, 2011
All effects are now fully AU compatible.

Undo/redo for waveform drawing has been one of the Curve's most requested features, and we now also added this feature to our full product line. Also, we tweaked lots of things under the hood.
Curve preset contest — kick it
February 1, 2011
We just did a demo song that only uses Curve. But it misses a nice bass drum. So we had this idea: Help us kick it.

Download the latest Curve demo, create one or more good kicks, and submit your creation from within the demo version to Curve's online preset library until Sunday (February 6th).

We will then choose our favorite kick. Its creator wins a license of Curve.

Of course kick drums are not what we had in mind when designing Curve, but that might make it even more interesting.
Updated Curve to 1.1.1
January 31, 2011
Now demo version users of Curve can also add their presets to the preset library. Besides this, the release is all about fixing bugs and flaws.
Updated Curve to 1.1
January 11, 2011
The new year brings a first free update of Curve. We added two of the most requested features: Undo/redo for waveform drawing and aftertouch.

Help us identify the most important features for the following free updates. Add your vote or feature wishes to our feedback page.
Curve is here!
December 16, 2010
Curve, our unique software synthesizer, is available now.

You can try before you buy—just download the demo. The demo is fully functional and has no time limit, but you can only use one instance per song and you can't save or upload presets.

Watch an informative Curve movie and get all the details here.

Once you've tried Curve, send us your thoughts. Or your feature requests, or your complaints. User-driven development is a big part of Curve, so our bug reports and feature request list will stay completely public at all times. We're excited about where you're going to take us, so please smother us with feedback.

Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with Curve.

We'd also like to say a special thank you to all the beta testers. Hats off to you—your help has been very important to us. And here are the lucky winners of the preset competition:

TOP 1: Moreno - TeeBee on Steroids

TOP 104: Presets by AbstractCats, arbee, bogdi47, BSamaritain, David F, djgroovy, DocFloyd, EdT, Guanokalong, jasonswe, Konrad, Limkork, Liquid Proj3ct, luisi, moocher, Moreno, MrWobble, Nielzie, Osztap Bender, PhinkTink, Rics, rsmus7, Vlad, voodooinsomnia, Xenos Soundworks and Zee
Curve public beta
November 15, 2010
Great news! Curve, our unique new software synthesizer, is now available for public beta testing (PC+Mac, VST+AU).

We feel we've created something truly new here. Creating sounds with Curve is intuitive and immediate. The waveform editor is irresistible, and provides completely new possibilities for experimentation and detailed tweaking. Three powerful oscillators, three envelope generators, two filters and four LFOs work together in a sophisticated modulations matrix, all set out in a clear, uncomplicated user interface.

The other half of Curve exists outside the synthesizer. Curve's preset library is a shared online database, populated with your presets and those from other Curve users. This ever-growing, community-driven sound library provides a constant source of inspirational sound, and gives you the opportunity to share, tag and rate sounds quickly and easily across the web.

We also invite the Curve community to steer the future development of the synthesizer. Our bug reports and feature request list will be completely public at all times. We believe this is an essential aspect of Curve, and we're excited about where you're going to take us.

So download the public beta, try Curve, share your sounds and report as many bugs as you can.

Preset Contest
During the public beta testing phase, we're running a contest to find the best, most mind-blowing preset sounds.

Top 100: We're going to pick our top 100 favorite sounds from all the sounds created during the public beta and the previous closed beta testing. We'll look at your ratings, but we're going to be selfish just this once and pick the ones that excite us personally. We're looking for unusual sounds—the ones that push Curve to its limits—but we're also looking for clever, useful sounds and just about anything that sounds amazing. Each top-100 preset wins its creator a EUR 10/USD 14 discount on a Curve license.

Top 1: We'll also pick our absolute favorite preset. Its creator gets Curve for free, and the winning preset will be used as Curve's pre-loaded initial sound.

Anyone who has more than ten presets in the top-100 gets Curve for free and VolumeShaper 2 on top.

So get started as soon as possible—the contest closes at the end of the beta testing phase.

FilterShaper 2 in WusikSoundMagazine
April 4, 2010
WusikSoundMagazine tested FilterShaper 2, and allowed us to upload the full pdf article for you.

"FilterShaper2's vast modulation capabilities and user-friendly workflow make it a great tool for adding movement to static sounds, but it can also be used as a glitch effect, capable of completely mangling the audio on the input.", March 2010
PanCake in Beat
March 23, 2010
Our free pan modulation VST plugin PanCake got 6 of 6 points in German Beat magazine. They had been very kind and provided the full article.

"Man merkt, dass bei der Entwicklung von PanCake ein enormes Know-how eingeflossen ist: So überzeugt das Plug-in mit einer durchdachten, intuitiv bedienbaren Oberfläche, einer sehr guten Klangqualität sowie einer beeindruckenden Flexibilität."
Beat, 02/2010
Updated: FilterShaper 2.0.3, VolumeShaper 2.0.1 and PanCake 1.0.3 available
March 22, 2010
We fixed two bugs and addressed some complaints that Computer Music had in their recent review of FilterShaper 2.

Fixes: On Sonar (PC) the waveform area was sometimes not shown correctly, and on Nuendo (Mac) our plugins could not be closed (.. but really, you should anyway never ever close our plugins).

Improvements: For all plugins, we added a new button to change the displayed grid of the waveform, and we labeled FilterShaper's LFOs numerically (hurray!).

Current issues: Our plugins do not work in all 64 bit hosts. In Nuendo (Mac) the mouse pointer is sometimes offset within the waveform area. We are currently looking into both issues.
FilterShaper 2 in Computer Music / MusicRadar
February 25, 2010
"So it seems that Cableguys' FilterShaper 2 has arrived right on time." — Computer Music did a detailed article with great sound examples. There is some critics in there, so we are just right now improving grid lines and, ehm, we are labelling the LFOs numerically (dumb, we just had forgotten this). So watch out for the upcoming 2.0.3 release.
FilterShaper 2 review on MusicRadar
New presets for Curve
January 12, 2010
Two users have sent us some presets they did for Curve 0.5b. Get some basic, but powerful sounds by Vlad and some very different, detuned sounds by Nay-Seven with our Windows VST Package.

Have a listen to Vlad's presets:

VolumeShaper 2 out now!
December 22, 2009
We've added a free-running option to VolumeShaper's LFO and refined the user interface. And it is available for Mac too. Customers of version 1 get the upgrade for free. Read more...
FilterShaper 2 in SoundOnSound
December 20, 2009
"... In fact, it appears every criticism levelled at v1 has been addressed and resolved."
New free VST plugin: PanCake
December 10, 2009
PanCake allows you to create flexible pan modulations, similarly to how you would modulate your signal in FilterShaper or VolumeShaper. Read more...
FilterShaper 2.0.2 for Mac available
November 29, 2009
Yet another update—FilterShaper 2.0.2 fixes a bug on Mac OS X. It could happen that FilterShaper's controls had been disabled when certain other VST plugins had been opened at the same time.
FilterShaper 2.0.1 available
November 24, 2009
We just updated FilterShaper to version 2.0.1, fixing issues with drawing in Cockos Reaper and in various hosts on Mac OS X.
FilterShaper 2 out now!
November 9, 2009
We added parallel filter routing, pan modulation, free-running LFOs and several tweaks. And it is available for Mac too. Read more...
About VolumeShaper 2 and Curve 1.0
November 9, 2009
VolumeShaper 2 is in the works and will be released sometime in 2009.

Curve is now a step closer to its 1.0 release, but a lot of work is still needed. You've been waiting a long time now, but we are confident that Curve 1.0's features will compensate for that.
FilterShaper 1.0.2, VolumeShaper 1.0.4
July 5, 2009
We just updated our products FilterShaper and VolumeShaper. This brings a bugfix for users of Ableton Live 8. In this host, editing points in the waveform could behave buggy.
FilterShaper in Computer Music Special
April 24, 2009
FilterShaper has been included in a tutorial on envelope followers. Here is an excerpt: "..., but software processors can give us so much more. A case in point is Cableguys' fabulous FilterShaper, a filter that actually enables you to draw complex modulation shapes. ..."
Computer Music Special 35: Guitar Studio, April 2009
VolumeShaper in Beat
February 16, 2009
VolumeShaper got 6 of 6 points in German Beat magazine. You can read the full article in this pdf.

"Auch wenn die Optik des plugins den spröden Charme eines wissenschaftlichen Werkzeugs besitzt, verbirgt sich hinter dem VolumeShaper ein wahres Modulationsmonster. ... Insbesondere Produzenten tanzbarer elektronischer Musik ist das flexible plugin wärmstens zu empfehlen."
Beat, 02/2009
FilterShaper in SoundOnSound
October 21, 2008
"... FilterShaper from German developers Cableguys has some unique tricks up its sleeve. ... the extra care Cableguys have taken with their envelope generator makes it unusually easy to get clean, smooth sweeps going on even at fast LFO speeds. FilterShaper also makes an excellent tremolo unit. ... FilterShaper is a neat effect with plenty to offer, at a bargain price."
SoundOnSound, November 2008
Sidechain presets
September 3, 2008
One of our users, Wadowad, proves that VolumeShaper can be used to archive the common effect which is typically done by sidechaining the kick drum to some of your audio tracks. Only that VolumeShaper gives you a much more flexible and precise control. Read Wadowad's article on that, in Russian, on his page. And get his presets, included in the updated VolumeShaper download.
Added FAQs
August 9, 2008
I never know, is it FAQ or FAQs? Anyway, we just added them.
FilterShaper 1.0.1, VolumeShaper 1.0.3
August 8, 2008
We just updated our products FilterShaper and VolumeShaper.

To achieve precise adjustments, you can now SHIFT-click on one of the buttons which allow scaling and moving the wave.
FilterShaper in Professional audio Magazin
August 7, 2008
"... Schluss mit dem langweiligen und stupiden Filter auf- und zudrehen. Das FilterShaper-Plug-in hebt Parameteränderungen auf ein neues Bedienungs-Level und realisiert auch komplizierteste Filterverläufe im Handumdrehen. Der Brüller allerdings ist der Preis. ... Im Praxistest weiß das Plug-in mit quirliger Lebendigkeit aufzutrumpfen und sein gesamtes Potenzial eindrucksvoll auszuspielen. ..."
Professional audio Magazin, August 2008
FilterShaper in Sound & Recording
August 6, 2008
"... Die Möglichkeiten von FilterShaper gehen über klassische French-House-Sweeps weit hinaus. Mit den Wellenform-Werkzeugen können Sie punktgenau arbeiten und z.B. hervorragend einzelne Events eines Loops betonen, ausblenden, isolieren oder entfernen. ... Dieses unkomplizierte und praktische Tool ist sowas wie das Schweizer Messer bei sample- und loopbasierten Produktionsmethoden. Die Bedienung ist intuitiv und einfach, die Filter klingen super. ..."
Sound & Recording, August 2008
Curve in Computer Music Special
June 30, 2008
"... Cableguys deserve a round of applause for side-stepping the well-trodden path of emulative synthesis. The interface eschews shiny pseudo-chrome plated knobs, simulated wood grain and other trapping of the analogue era in favour of a stark, to-the-point GUI, even as the instrument itself attempts to exploit all that the digital world has to offer. Yep, you can do analogue with Curve, but you can also draft detailed digital timbres entirely your own. It's killer for sequenced bass sounds, deep rising pads and steely leads. ..."
CM Special vol. 30: The Best Free Plug-ins Ever!, June 2008
Lost your unlock key?
June 5, 2008
Go to this page that we just added and request your unlock key.
FilterShaper launched
May 15, 2008
FilterShaper has finally reached release quality and version 1.0 is now available for download. We tweaked presets, did some sound examples and added an online video, so find out more here...
VolumeShaper 1.0.2
March 30, 2008
We just updated VolumeShaper to 1.0.2. This fixes a bug that VolumeShaper could not be opened on some computers. Also, VolumeShaper has inherited lots of wave editing features from FilterShaper.
FilterShaper in public Beta
March 28, 2008
Our next VST effect is now in Public Beta. FilterShaper enables you to bring life to your sounds and loops. You can draw any curve, assign it to its 4 LFOs and use them to modulate filter cutoff and resonance of its great sounding filters. Or just modulate the volume.

It is free to use one instance of FilterShaper at a time. To use more instances, a license costs EUR 29/USD 44. Read more...
New presets for Curve
February 3, 2008
A user has sent us some presets he did for Curve. You can find sakkann's presets in the VST downloads package.
VolumeShaper launched
January 20, 2008
Some more tweaks done and it looks good and stable. So VolumeShaper is now grown up and has left public Beta. Read more about VolumeShaper here, or download a free demo. The demo gives you full functionality, but only one instance of the plugin can be used at the same time.
Shop launched
December 1, 2007
We just launched our shop, so go get VolumeShaper.
VolumeShaper in public Beta
November 26, 2007
Besides our flagship Curve, we have been also working on VolumeShaper, a unique gate effect that makes intensive use of the technology we developed for Curve. A public Beta and more info is available on VolumeShaper's product page.

As soon as the shop is up, you can buy VolumeShaper for a discounted price of EUR 10/USD 15 until the Beta is over. Thereafter it will be EUR 15/USD 20.
A statement on Curve 1.0
November 18, 2007
It's been almost one year since the last update of Curve was released. Since then lots of feature-rich ideas crossed our minds, but the underlying software architecture of Curve wasn't ready for that. So we spent our time in research and development and have finally set up a powerful framework that gives us the freedom to concentrate on the creative part again. A first Beta of Curve 1.0, with a massive overhaul, will be released in the next few months, so watch out for upcoming news.
Web site evolution
November 18, 2007
We have been quite busy these days, and also worked a bit on the layout and structure of the web site. We hope you like it.
New song
June 2007
A new song is online: "Cableguys - Versus". Find it in our music section.
Curve 0.5b
December 2006
Curve 0.5b is online. Older versions could produce strange noises when running on multicore CPUs. This is fixed now.
New song
June 2006
A new song is online: "Cableguys - Raum und Zeit". Find it in our music section. Vocals are from a friend of mine, Nathalie.
Curve 0.4b
February 2006
Curve 0.4b is online. This version fixes a bug that saving of edited waves did not work correctly under some circumstances.
New songs
December 2005
We did it again. It took way too long for you to wait for the next songs, but here they are: Cableguys - Upchucking Robots and Cableguys - Advanced. Find them in our music section.

The main synth in "Upchucking Robots" and the bass sound are from our synth Curve. The main synth uses features that are not implemented in the version you can find on our site, as these features are not fine-tuned yet. Hope to release the update soon.

The deep bass in "Advanced" is from Curve. I really begin to love this baby for its powerfull sound.
Curve 0.3b
October 2005
Curve 0.3b is online.
Introducing Curve
August 2005
The first Beta of Curve is online. It's a VST synthesizer that allows you to draw your own waves. You can find it here.
New song
May 2005
Cableguys - Der Wurm. Find it in our music section.
A record deal
November 2004
Impulse45 did a remix for Credance, that has been released as 12'' on 2001/ZYX:

Credance - In memory of time
A UK club mix
B1 Imoulse45 club mix
B2 Cold blue rmx

w.+p.: David Riedel, Vocals by TELLeen.
(Note: We are wrongly written as "Imoulse45".)
Relaunch of
November 2004 and moved to
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