MidiShaper and Native Instruments Maschine 2

Insert the software device you want to control i.e. on the first pad. In this example we want to control the cutoff frequency of the violin. Add MidiShaper on a new pad as an effect on the first slot.

Open Maschine's "Audio and MIDI Settings" and make sure the input of the virtual MIDI port you want to use (i.e. "0.1 internal MIDI") is turned on.

Select the virtual MIDI port as output in MidiShaper. Set MidiShaper's Teach menu to a MIDI CC of your choice (i.e. CC 0).

To assign a parameter in Maschine, just click on the Learn button underneath it.

Then set MidiShaper's teach menu to "Off" and assign the MIDI CC (i.e. CC 0) to a source via its modulation matrix.

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